The American Character During The Puritan Era Essay

Essay, Research PaperAn American is one who is either a European or a descendent of one. In the early 1600s, the Puritans left England in hope of a better authorities, a Reformed society, and for improved life conditions.

The Puritans were in hunt of spiritual freedom and to get down a new faith wholly aberrant from the one in England. Harmonizing to John Winthrop, adult male has to love his neighbours and attention for them in order to construct the perfect society. An American is one who fights for his beliefs, shows blood kinship with his state and has a close relationship with God.

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The American? s relationship with his state emphasizes that as an independent state, it provides the necessary rights of every adult male in order to keep equality. Harmonizing to Thomas Jefferson in his autobiography, ? all work forces are created equal ; that they are endowed by their Godhead with built-in and unalienable rights ; that among these are life, autonomy, and the chase of felicity ( page 325 ) . ? With these rights in head, in a incorporate, liberated state, known as America, its citizens have a sense of security in facets of their life such as political, societal, and economical. Harmonizing to John De Crevecoeur, ? Men are like workss ; the goodness and spirit of the fruit returns from the curious dirt and expounding in which they grow ( page 296 ) . ? Crevecoeur believed that a good state should supply its people nutrient, freedom, shelter, and justness. In the newfound land, Americans have an chance to turn and thrive because of the new Reformed authorities and its freedom rights given to the citizens.Americans were ever from the get downing combat for what they believed in. When the Puritans set pes on this continent, they wanted to be set free from Britain and the British authorities.

As Jefferson provinces, ? whenever any signifier of authorities becomes destructive of these terminals, it is the right of the people to change or to get rid of it, and to establish new authorities ( page 326 ) . ? He is asseverating that if a authorities is corrupt, it is the right and duty of the citizens to revise it to suit their demands. Americans besides have the demand to interrupt free from what they despise or forced into making, as Equiano did when he was forced into going a slave.

Equiano provinces, ? ? Make unto all work forces as you would work forces should make unto you? ( Page 353 ) ? He means that what had he done to merit such atrocious intervention. He asks that would the white adult male want to be treated like a slave? Of class, the white adult male wouldn? T, so why should they handle the inkinesss that manner. That is why Equiano rebelled and escaped from white control. He fought for what he believed in and succeeded. In order for the American character to stand out in life, he needs to contend for what he believes in.

The chief ground Puritans came to the New World was chiefly for their close relationship with God. As John Winthrop provinces, ? The lone manner to avoid this shipwreck, and to supply for our descendants, is to follow the advocate of Micah, to make rightly, to love clemency, to walk meekly with our God. ( Page 117 ) ? The shipwreck means that if what is demanded of the people from God is non accomplished, so God will certainly go angry and destroy everything. So, the lone manner to avoid this catastrophe is to believe in God with their Black Marias and love everything that He and make everything He demands. Since the Puritans knew they had God on their side, they had nil to be afraid of and so were really courageous people.

Winthrop provinces, ? Therefore let us take life, that we and our seed may populate by obeying His voice and spliting to Him, for He is our life and our prosperity. ( Page 118 ) ? Winthrop asserts that God has to be obeyed, because He is the 1 that gives life, and He can easy take it off. Having a close relationship with God formed the true American character.Surely, many facets make the American character. But those that show what the character is are blood kinship with the American? s state, belief in God and a freedom combatant.

As stated, from Jefferson? s thoughts about natural human rights to Winthrop? s thoughts about obeying God, the American character is established. These features are still in being today and are held by adult male American people throughout the state.


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