Iycee Charles de Gaulle Summary The aims of optimum efficiency in companies Essay

The aims of optimum efficiency in companies Essay

While taking into history the universe of concern, the main/major ends of it is acquire the optimal degree of profitableness. Not merely by hook or curve theory instead with the effectual procedure regulated envisions the hereafter position. So a prudent man of affairs or a director ever tries to anticipate the hereafter in positive manner. Entrepreneurs ever have to cognize in which way the company is heading towards, so that they could take the necessary action in order to take into right line of accomplishing the ultimate ends and aims. He/she ever is ready to implement and modulate such programs which support to accomplish its short/long term aims. What s the present state of affairs? What tomorrow will be? Where we will be tomorrow? What s the state of affairs tomorrow? What /where we want to be tomorrow? Though no 1 can cognize, anticipate and foretell the hereafter… a man of affairs ever tries to make the things within which may take their organisation or concern towards the hereafter ends. So, the strategic planning is all about this sort of emerged state of affairs to manage and action it now to see the consequences tomorrow. And the chief verve on ongoing towards the aims wholly depends upon how the programs has been made/formulate. Is it end oriented or non? Who made it? How it has been made? So an effectual and powerful strategic be aftering merely can take a concern to its utmost degree of success, hence it show following four things

o States the present station of a concern

o Influence the involved people towards the transmutation of the merchandises and services to targeted market

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O Clarifies the conditions to achieve the ends

O Stimulates in twenty-four hours to twenty-four hours operation and determination devisings

As similar hereafter is unpredictable, it doesn t mean that the cardinal participants of any organisation Don T stay idle, believing so will come and so will go on, instead become pro-active to do it go on it in smooth manner. They enthusiastically maintain eyes on their rivals and consequently travel on to their manner making the strategic programs so as to accomplish its aims. Strategic can be quickly implemented as per the demand and formulated in a 2nd where there becomes necessary and has to be. We can happen out tonss of such executions while even in a simple little offices to run its twenty-four hours to twenty-four hours operations. So, overall we can state a strategic planning is the procedure of constructing the information which contains the directives or the determinations which has to be formulated/followed and implemented in order to accomplish its ends by cutting off its drawbacks and failings.

The house which I have analysed and researched through

I have late got opportunity to analyze about the facts and figures sing a fame company which produces the most celebrated ticker names Citizens, the maker is Citizen Holding Co. , Ltd. , Japan. Let s first figure out the mechanism about its constructions and mechanism and history.

Introduction and History

Citizen Holding Co. , Ltd. was founded by the Shokosha Water research Institute in 1918, Japan, and subsequently was incorporated in about 1930. It is one of the largest maker of the tickers, and due to its celebrity earned in about 1960 s, it started fabricating the electric devices like french friess and led LCD s, Quartz oscillators and position finders, electronic merchandises such as computing machine peripherals, pressmans, HDD, electronic-thermometers, automatons etc, reckoners. Ann while ciphering its overall gross revenues report 37 % of it is occupied by tickers and redstem storksbills along with its parts, 33 % from electronic devices, 7 % from electronic merchandises and 11 % from the industrial machinery and staying from others like jewelry, eyewear, gigues. More than 58 % of its grosss are collected from outside Japan. It has begun in Tokyo as a horological research Centre named Shokosha Watch research Institute. Pocket ticker for the first clip was manufactured. Constructing up the motto like near to the bosom of people everyplace and after six old ages Mr. Yosaburo Nakajima has been appointed as a president of the company, and in same twelvemonth manufactured the first timekeepers tickers. Subsequently in 1963 they built a mill in Tokyo, which became the chief fabrication installation. And in the same twelvemonth, started to broaden the gross revenues towards Southeast Asia and consequently towards the remainder of the universe. Now it s most likely the largest tickers selling company throughout the universe. It holds and relates to the World War II which printed the hush in its production, because were forced and have to travel towards the fulfillment of the military demand for the ware menu. And alternatively fabricating the tickers and other related merchandises it started bring forthing the arms points. Equally shortly as they were defeated by the allied forces in 1945 and was bound to hold reconstructing undertaking. After long concern period Citizen co. , ltd started exporting its merchandises throughout the universe and in the 60 s the it was about collaborated towards the American market and boulder clay now it has the same celebrity and name as most of the consumers prefers and trust in the quality and trade name of it.

Diversification was the chief strategic issue of all time propound by this company in order to accomplish their end and run into the market demand. Initially, the company truly struggled for about more than 4 decennaries to go in some province and so every bit shortly as got the market at big, started variegation on which the trust of the people has been centralised on it. Though, at the difficult times of the event like universe war two, it diversified in bring forthing the machineries, which was the chief portion and scheme of all time made by it.

Now let s take a expression at the present position analysis of this company which is as follows

Citizen Holding Company limited

Company Frontipiece

Key Information

Web Address hypertext transfer protocol: //www.citizen.co.jpFinancial Year End March

Number of Employees 22,127

Type Public

Employee Growth 15 %

Gross saless and its Growth $ 3,390.80 m, 18.9 % ( 2008/03 )

Net Income & A ; Its Growth $ 112.8.m, 102.60 %

Beginning: – Datas available in the company s website, updated 2005

Ethical Valuess

As I have gone through its history and profile, as its researching company and therefore converted as maker, I found that they are fixing to establish their new motto as Micro-Human-Tech which is nailing towards the Miniaturizing the citizens demands and outlooks with the engineering and research. The company has been ongoing with a moralss to develop the outlook of being concern about their safety, quality and the environment. It is carry oning every of its dealing edifice up the sound dealingss ships with its stakeholders. Transparency in its concern study is extremely appreciative. Is being able to achieve the trust and it has traced out the perfect environment for the employees to run their twenty-four hours to twenty-four hours operation within. The selling state of affairs in fact shows whatever known about the size and growing tendencies of its market, confronting rivals and the critical affairs that straight impacts in your selling stages. Let s do a point wise analysis of this CHC ltd.

Customers/Buyers are of all aged and throughout the universe

CHC Ltd. Manufactures/supplies the merchandises as per the state s ability to afford for.

Companies selling to consumers may section clients by gender, age, income, location, or purchasing form

Growth in grosss is about 102.6 % and the gross revenues and its growing is app. 18.9 % , means be givening towards the aims accomplishment

Diversification of the low priced and high priced ticker made easy to be adopted among all.

These points shows that how its market started turning and faming itself to be among the best 1.

So, now let s hold a pinpoint position towards its overall position.

SWOT Analysis


Globally taking portion

Focused on research and experiments

Powerful Brand

Oldest and renowned ticker shaper

High demanding

Good fiscal position

Appreciative Diversification

Quality Product

Flexibility in fabrication

Precision high-tech merchandises

Staffs are in measure and dedicated

Good promoting issues

Aware of investing returns

Financially accomplishing aims

New advanced engineerings used

Micro Human Tech extremely appreciative

Eco-drive deriving much gross revenues Failings

Hit by the freshly stylish houses

Recession in place state hits severely

Cardinal staffs are from place state merely

Seasonally and culturally non prioritised

Home economic system fluctuation

Promotion has non been prioritised towards the low criterion citizens


Technology further launching

Fashionable watched to be manufactured

Market has to be placed to run into every families

Seasonal merchandises can be launched

Further variegation can be done by research

Menaces easy be eliminated by appropriate stairss

Excess features/attraction can be added


Perfect competition with The Swatch Group Ltd. ; Casio Computer Co. , Ltd. ; Seiko Corporation ; Timex Corporation ; Fossil, Inc. ; Bulova Corporation ; Montres Rolex S.A. ; Movado Group, Inc

IT development created high challenges

Couldn T range every family

Losing the low earning clients throughout the universe

Taking over by the manner houses ( Calvin Clein, Hugo Boss, Armani )

Gross saless declined ( 2003,2005 ) because of a slack in the house ‘s electronic device concern

So, the SWOT analysis gives the cardinal challenges to be face and consequently take actions for farther achieving the ends and aims of the company, though publically it s been non apprehensible. Now, the chief schemes to set about these actions to do some amendments become truly really important factor. What that can be?


En path for prioritise the market to confront the twenty-four hours by twenty-four hours disputing risen close competition with the extremely fashioned merchandises throughout the market, has to be met.

Establishing emerging demanding of high technologic merchandises

The Citizen Group endeavours to better concern value and contribute to society through sustained corporate activities in harmoniousness with the local community and the planetary environment, under the concern doctrine of “ Contributing to and endeavoring to be respected by the Citizens of the World. ”

In the continued chase of this concern doctrine, the Group works to beef up corporate administration toward guaranting direction transparence and accomplishing the optimum allotment of direction resources in its multi-faceted concerns. Through freshly establishing new merchandises with the excess characteristics, Citizen hoped to remain on the technological film editing border and retain its topographic point as one of the universe ‘s ticker leaders, while go oning to augment its place in electronic devices and merchandises.

Citizen Holdings formulates direction policy and makes investing determinations from the position of optimising group broad direction, and oversees and supervises subordinates by supervising whether their concern activities adhere to the direction policy and whether their direction is crystalline.

Internal control undertaking establishing to guarantee direction transparences

Beginning: – The Citizen Group Corporate Governance Structure ( as of April 1, 2009 ) , The flow chart shows the internal control system and processs

In order to project and scan the prospective ongoing ends to be achieved can be analysed as follows. To anticipate the positive and positive profitableness, I would prefer to prioritize upon the scheme which is focused on extinguishing the close competition by establishing the new advanced and stylish merchandises, which can busy at least the 80 per centum of whole market. Increasing gross revenues in volume can find the ratio in return on investing and consequently the net incomes every bit good. Cost care plays the critical function in conformity with it.

The vision of the direction

A company where people thrive is the chief vision of the company, which means the people affecting with its ingestion, production, publicity and all the activities has to exert their head and organic structure with their pleasance and being of class broad, making outlook being lasting with their ain potency and being rewarded for what they do and executing. Traveling frontward, the cardinal individual think there will be great demand for direction to happen originative ways to harmonise this end with stakeholders ‘ diverse demands. Prospectively, it has been developed the vision for 2025 A.D as “ Lending to and Endeavoring to be respected by the Citizens of the World ” which is developed to authorise current vision, intending along the slogan Micro Human tech wholly devoted towards Citizens of the universe. They vision lending to a citizen-based sustainable society in which people can bask life with a sense of security and fulfillment. Citizen offers merchandises that are ever near at manus and are good for people and the universe.

The Mission Statement

Citizen ‘s mission is to provide better merchandises and services to citizens all over the universe. Citizen offers a broad assortment of tickers and preciseness high-tech merchandises that fulfil the diversified demands of users worldwide. Creating merchandises “ Close to the Hearts of People Everywhere ” is Citizen ‘s corporate doctrine.

The Aims, Goals and Aims

Supplying the merchandises to our valued clients with safety, quality and the environment

Constructing up the transparence and unfastened twenty-four hours to twenty-four hours operation with our stakeholders

Perform the occupation affecting publically and openly of fiscal position and informations direction

Eco-friendly outlook helps us to be friend with the clients, and we will travel on.

Establish the good acquaintance with the local community and latter universe at big

Making sure of being safe and guarded to our people in order to make their efficiency, as of good being

Quick action in anti societal activities, officially

Prioritize the different civilizations, values and tradition to extinguish racial favoritism

Leaderships will give full attending of probationary issues

We are attentive towards the single labor to do them untiring in working environment

Increasing grosss by formal agencies and transparence in each and every action/transaction.

Following U.N Global Compact which principled on

? Human Rights

? Supporting

? Not complicit in human rights maltreatment

? Anti-Corruption

? Against extortion and graft

? Labour Standard

? Freedom associated

? Wipe out forced labors

? Abolition of kid Labour

? Elimination of overall favoritism

? Environment

? Pre-caution on environment issues

? Enterprise to environmental challenges

? Ec0-friendly engineering development

Execution Plans

Internal Reporting System

Establishing internal and external hotlines will circulate the internal coverage system within the Group ; we provide contact information and safeguards for describing on the Group ‘s Intranet. The purpose and significance of the system is besides explained in item at preparation Sessionss for new recruits and freshly appointed direction staff.

Accepting Potential External labor

In taking in external labor, Citizen Holdings transmits to each Group company the attack to compliance to maintain in head when engaging impermanent employees and outsourcing, to guarantee proper operations in line with employment contracts. The Company besides monitors each Group Company one time a twelvemonth to determine the position of impermanent labor and outsourcing and encourages self-checks on the rightness of utilizing external labor.

Attempt at Each Group Company

? Using CRS Activity Checklists

In financial 2007, Citizen Watch began look intoing conformity position by utilizing CSR checklists. The points checked are reported and confirmed at the CSR Promotion Committee, which is managed by the CSR Promotion Department. From financial 2008, the points will be reflected in the audit program for internal auditing intents.

? Puting Up a dedicated web page in the intranet

In financial 2007, Citizen Electronics set up and launched a web page dedicated to CSR conformity on the Citizen Electronics Group ‘s corporate Intranet. We intend to set up a full-time organisation aimed at be aftering the execution of regular instruction and constructing an educational system.

Conformity Promotion construction and Education

? Conformity and hazard direction activities

As a precedence of its CSR activities, the Group advances compliance-related hazard direction based on the Citizen Group Code of Conduct.

In carry oning its activities, the Group emphasizes educational preparation and duologue with the cardinal purposes of raising consciousness and bettering the apprehension of direction and employees. We approach these attempts from socioeconomic facets and ethical and aesthetic 1s, endeavoring to further a corporate civilization that enables lively argument and free treatment on conformity.

? Sing elucidation of criterion

As in the event of accidents or catastrophes, any conformity misdemeanors must be reported to the CSR Department at Citizen Holdings. We plan to clear up criterions to enable consistent handling of misdemeanors at each Group company and to make a mechanism for conformity auditing.

There were no major conformity misdemeanors at any of the Group companies in financial 2007.