The Affect of Music Essay

All humans experience emotions such as joy, anger and sadness.

We all have lots of emotions that control the way we act, speak and feel. These emotions are triggered by many different things. One of those things is music..

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. The variety of music styles nowadays is unlimited. You can find anything from relaxing music to loud and fast techno music. However, it’s your mood and the environment that determines what music style you feel for listening to in a certain situation.For example if you just got home from a stressful work day, then you would most likely want to listen to classical music or something in that direction.

Classical music can physically relax your body and clear out your mind, which is good for reducing all the stress you might have gained after a very stressful work day. Another example could be if you are about to compete in a competition, but before competing you listen to some techno music that exhilarates you and makes you perform at your very best. Personally, I think loud techno music is excellent for doing homework (such as this one).I feel motivated and more focused when I listen to techno music which makes me work faster and get things done quicker.

We have all experienced the physical and mental effects of music at one time or another. Actually, the mental effects can sometimes be so powerful that a few lines from a song can keep running through our minds even though we are trying to ignore them or make them stop. I’m sure you’ve experienced this before without knowing that it’s the mental effect of music that is taking over your mind.How can a simple song occupy our minds so easily? There are plenty of other ways music can affect us emotionally though. One of the most distinct ways is clearly shown by movie music. Music in movies signals us when something scary, threatening, dramatic or good is going to occur.

Film composers such as Hans Zimmer get paid megabucks to compose music for movies. They have the ability to shift our emotions from scene to scene. For example; if you watch the Pirates of the Caribbean series you learly notice how the music is able to affect us emotionally throughout the entire movie. Every song is played in a certain scene for a purpose. That purpose is to strengthen our emotions when we watch the scene. Almost everyone recognizes the theme song from Pirates of the Caribbean because of that “heroic feeling” it gave us when we watched the movie.

So, what’s really going on between us humans and music? How can music effect our emotions so drastically? I definitely think there is something with music that we don’t know about yet…


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