The Advantages and Disadvantages of Television Essay

Television has played a significant role in informing and entertaining society, There are numerous kinds of TV shows broadcasted around the world, some of them are Reality TV Shows, News Program, Drama, Cooking Show, and many more. Each of them holds their own specific advantages and disadvantages that they’ve brought out through the perspective of the audience.

This essay will explore the aspects of television that has affected the lives of society both for their benefit, and possible unfavorable outcome. Some TV Shows has the sole purpose of entertainment only.These shows often use comedy as an approach, without any specific moral message or knowledge issues as a matter. Although the content of these shows, in a way, are rather shallow and superficial, they’ve succeeded in creating a fun atmosphere for audience in the pursuit of leisure. One example of this can be seen from the show ‘Opera Van Java’, an Indonesian sitcom that retells traditional legends or modern tales in a comedic way. However, these shows that prioritize entertainment will have drawbacks as well, considering the fact that they will present dense matter just to be entertaining, therefore promotes false moral values.

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Another example is a News Program. This TV Program will be of help to people who would like to get in touch with the world. There are a few different kinds of News Program, some of them include the general News, which tells national information, and Entertainment News, which focuses on a more personal information of celebrity.

Both of them serves as an access to the world, audience will gain several knowledge regarding the issues raised and a better understanding as well. On the other hand, it has the disadvantage of creating biased opinion or false rumor if not conveyed properly.General News Program such as Fox News is one example of a biased News Program, while Celebrity Gossip Shows are the example of news that might create false rumors, as they do not inform sole facts, rather rumors. There are a few more aspects of TV that is advantageous and disadvantageous in the roles of society, however the few aspects mentioned has enclosed the topics quite well. In conclusion, although TV has certain portion of it that is of inconvenience to society, it’s significance in helping audience connect with the outside world as well as entertaining them has made TV a favorable everyday-life object.


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