The Advantage Of Position As Eldest Son Essay

Being the eldest son can be quite awesome! Your younger sibling looks up to and admires you hence you feel important. You can teach and guide your younger. Eldest son is usually expected to be more responsible and level headed than your sibling. Furthermore, parents expect you to set the example of behavior for their younger sibling.

There are three main advantages of position as eldest son : high self-confidence, leadership, and responsibility. First is High self-confidence. You had no older siblings to contend with and the only superiors that you interfaced with were your parents.In addition to that, you are placed in a guardian, leadership position with your younger siblings. Because of this familial environment, you developed a maturity and self-confidence that your younger siblings did not have. As a result, you believe that you are invincible and unstoppable and can do anything! In fact, you assert that you can do things that others cannot. Second, you are the leader of the family.

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You are often the adviser and in charge of your younger siblings. This leadership role translates into you being quite self-assured and comfortable in responsible and leadership roles.You are still viewed by their parents as less childlike than your younger siblings. Many eldest children have leadership abilities because they were placed in positions of responsibilities early in life.

Third, eldest son is often giving more responsibilities than youngest child sibling at similar ages. It is not unusual in many families for eldest son to be given responsibilities from early childhood. Many an eldest son lament that your childhood are much shorter and more stressful than your youngest child sibling.Another lament of the eldest son is that you are always the responsible one in the family. The younger sibling or siblings are looking up to you because you’re seen as the role model of being the ultimate in the family. Because of your age and status, they are allowed to do things that they cannot do.

Depending upon the age of the eldest son, you have later bedtimes, can date, and can go out unsupervised. The younger siblings cannot wait to become older so they can have more freedom.In summary, being the eldest son is good luck for me. For a while, you were the center of parents’ universe.

You must be beyond excellent just to be accepted by your parents. Then now you are considered to be a little adult who should set an example to the younger siblings. You are now in the responsible role which will now last beyond adulthood. Also, your birth order is often the most difficult and unappreciated. However, it has its glorious moments! Hail to the oldest son in the family, I totally feel for you!


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