The Abu Dhabi Tourism And Culture Authority Tourism Essay

Normally in any selling exercising, there is either an chance or a job. In our instance, it is really clear that we have a job. Our job is that we want to increase the tenancy rates in hotels in the emirate of Abu Dhabi from 2-3 darks which is the current state of affairs, 5 darks per tourer as their primary aim, along with the addition of tourist disbursement as their secondary aim.The emirate of Abu Dhabi has increased the figure of investings in the last few old ages ; So what does the authorization want to accomplish as a consequence out of this investing?As we speak, our figure sum of investing in the past and approaching events is one of our cardinal operations that will assist us to place Abu Dhabi as a prima civilization and concern touristry hub in the part.How r u planning to make that?We fundamentally operate and control the two chief pillars of the sector we are working on ; one of which is the cultural touristry as a whole, and the 2nd is the concern touristry.How are you positioning Abu Dhabi as a concern touristry hub?The Authority has separate concern unit which is called the MICE unit. The duty and the aim of the MICE unit is to convey the state international exhibition, conferences and conventions which will pull concern tourers.What is the procedure of choosing the events welcoming tourers in the emirate?Abu Dhabi has set an urban construction model program called ‘the Abu Dhabi 2030 program ‘ which clearly defines the countries of growing the emirate has set for itself.

These include environment, transit, health care, energy, instruction and much more. When we are looking to pull concern tourers, these are the countries that we are working on. So the mentioned facets of the 2030 program are the cardinal countries we use in the choice procedure to pull concern tourers.How make you associate the selected events with the 2030 program and your aims as an authorization?At the minute, it is strictly based on the size of the events. We use many databases ; one of which is the International Congress and Convention Association ( ICCA ) where we have a username and watchword to their web portal that gives a better thought of what international events are taking topographic point around the Earth and expression at its size in footings of Numberss of attendants, investings, popularity and the event ‘s relevancy to Abu Dhabi 2030 program.Can you give me an illustration to lucubrate the above position?A clear illustration to exemplify the above inquiry is the set up of the ‘World Ophthalmology Congress ‘ or WOC ; which is known to be the oldest scientific assemblage in the universe where scientists have come together to discourse assorted inventions and developments through a series of industry symposia provided by outstanding back uping organisations in the field of ophthalmology.

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This twelvemonth in Abu Dhabi, about 12000 people from all around the universe attended the Congress. So the Congress fulfils the chief aims of the program as it caters to one of the chief pillars of the Abu Dhabi 2030 Plan ( i.e. health care ) , every bit good as the ADTA aims in the form of increasing the tenancy rates in hotels to 5 darks per invitees as the event took topographic point between the 16th to the twentieth February 2012.So you said: about 12000 people came to the capital to go to the event. How do you track their disbursement to carry through your secondary aim which was to increase the disbursement per tourer? How do you cognize how much they spent during their visit?Harmonizing to the day of the month that we have, a normal tourer would remain in a 3 to 4 star hotel and pass about AED700 per twenty-four hours as they are interested more in the rubber-necking.

However, a concern tourer would wish to remain in a 4 to 5 star hotel and would pass around AED1500 a twenty-four hours as they tend to hold a higher disbursement power in all right dining.Traveling back to the same inquiry, clearly the information you have provided is about their disbursement in hotels and all right dining, but how do you supervise and track their disbursement outside the hotels?Unfortunately, we do non hold a mechanism to track their disbursement. However, in the late concluded ‘Summer of Abu Dhabi 2012 ‘ event, we had introduced a promotional codification where we have asked hotels, retail merchants, leisure operates, tour agents and the other concerned spouses in the industry to inquire and advance that promotional codification to track the disbursement of the visitants. This tracking system will give us a better apprehension and information of concern and leisure tourer disbursement during their visit to Abu Dhabi.Traveling on, how do you advance these scheduled events globally?We have international offices around the universe positioned strategically to advance and pull leisure and concern touristry to Abu Dhabi. Through these offices every bit good as event organisers ( like WOC organisers ) , we clearly define states and persons of involvement.

What are the other tool you use to advance Abu Dhabi?The constitution of Etihad Airways has helped us in advancing the capital. However, we need to closely work with them on the positioning scheme of the emirates as they are presently advancing Abu Dhabi as a stop/connection flights. We want to alter that where we want Etihad to advance Abu Dhabi as a possible finish which will really alter the perceptual experience of the emirate as a taking tourer hub.The creative activity of Etihad Airways has clearly helped constructing a strong base and acknowledgment of the emirate. However, the name ‘Abu Dhabi ‘ is still unknown in comparing to Dubai.

How are you undertaking this?When we are in the procedure of choice and command with Dubai, the focal point would be on Abu Dhabi as the capital of United Arab Emirates. However, we do leverage and utilize the name of Dubai as a ‘one and a half hr ‘ nearby finish. When command for international event, we do pass on with Dubai to specify and make up one’s mind on who is traveling to offer for the event ( either it be Dubai or Abu Dhabi ) .

We are now looking at Abu Dhabi – as a finish – as a portion of the UAE, and when we are nearing and command for international conferences, there is a demand of a federal organic structure which will necessitate to harmonise the state ‘s attack towards pulling concern touristry in the state.How make you benchmark your touristry theoretical account?We closely look at other theoretical accounts in the part and the following best theoretical account to be compared with is the theoretical account of Dubai. Dubai has created a theoretical account by leveraging a strong air hose base ( i.e. Emirates ) , a province of the art international airdrome, a fast in-migration procedure, and a about perfect coaction of Dubai touristry industry with all the public and private stakeholders in the industry. Abu Dhabi needs to look at the full procedure all the manner from publishing a tourer visa to cordial reception services, and disbursement paths, and harmonise those elements every bit good to make a better experience for its visitants.Outside the UAE, who are your chief rivals in the part ( Middle East ) ?The current state of affairs and turbulency in the in-between E has clearly minimized competition and there clearly one name that we are ever seeing in all of the conferences we are offering in, which is Turkey.


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