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The final the most important phase of dairy research is to analyze and interpret the results obtained through the dairy method.

Because the qualitative data collected from the diaries don’t have any in build structure. Hence, the next step of the diary research is to manage such raw text data. Analysis of such qualitative data and deriving patterns from a large portion textual data is called as content analysis.  Majority of the diary researcher use inductive content analysis procedure to analyze such textual information because it provides better benefits than other data collection method. These are as follows.   1) It provides a valuable and efficient way to deal with the qualitative data; 2) compress all form of qualitative raw data into a summary format; 3) Helps in creating a link between the research objectives and the research findings derived from a qualitative analysis;4) Identifying patterns in qualitative data and develop certain models and theories based on the data analysis (Thomas, 2003). There is a wide array research method (e.g.

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, thematic analysis, grounded analysis, narrative analysis, etc.) which are used to analyze the textual data. However, content analysis is one of such method which has been widely used in analyzing the qualitative data collected from the participant’s experience documented in the form of diaries. It helps in classifying the textual data into more small and meaningful phrases.

Hence, content analysis is defined as “a structured research approach, using specified research designs and methods, to make replicable and valid inferences from texts and similar materials” (Krippendorff, 1980, Mayring, 2000). But in general terms, content analysis is defined as the “systematic, objective, quantitative analysis of message characteristics” (Neuendorf, 2002).Moreover, content analysis is exploratory in its process and predictive or inferential in intent (Krippendorff, 2004). It usually follows a defined set of procedure to make inferences from the text data file which are valid and reliable (Weber, 1990, p. 9).  Textual data collected from the diaries are being coded, and then linkages between the codes are created to derive a proper meaning out of the study. Codes used in the content analysis are categorized into three types (Bowen, 2008).


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