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The a completely icy appearance.Below you can

The Secret Service of the United States is covered with mysteries and myths. Who are these strict people in black suits? They appear with eyeglasses, headphones in the ear and with a completely icy appearance.Below you can read some facts about these special agents1. Their hands are always ready.If you have a closer look at the agents in the picture, you will notice that their hands are always on their waist. Their thumb position may change, but the meaning is always the same: agents are ready to react quickly and raise their weapons.Sometimes they also fail.Nowadays it is really hard to hide anything, and a mistake of the Secret Service is no exception. There was a story that Barack Obama embarked on an elevator with an armed officer when a knife-man came into the White House base jumping over the fence.3. They never put sunglasses out.In the movies, agents always wear sunglasses and black suits. True agents never use sunglasses during their mission, as they may lose something important due to the yellow light or lack of light4. The Secret Service was not founded to protect the president.Even if it had been created that morning, it would not save Lincoln’s life because its main purpose was to cope with counterfeiting and financial scams. In fact, the organization still deals with such issues.5. The Secret Service was founded on the day Lincoln was killed.It was Hugh McCulloch, Secretary of the Treasury, who suggested creating the Secret Service. He introduced his idea to Abraham Lincoln on April 14, 1865.6. They keep their secret headquarters.The Secret Service headquarters are located in Washington in a building without any identification mark. There is no garbage can near (so there is no room to install a bomb). The building is located on a street with a very short name: H Street.7. There is only one agent who was killed at the helm.If an agent sacrifices their lives for the president, they do it voluntarily. Indeed, there was only one case in history when a Secret Service Officer died: Leslie Coffelt was killed on November 1, 1950, defending Harry Truman.8. They always monitor and record everything.Agents always use as many cameras as they can. It really helps a lot when it comes to resolving an incident and finding a crime perpetrator. After Kennedy’s assassination, it was decided to have a car that was responsible for recording a video in a presidential sphere.9. They do not swear to die for their president.It’s a Hollywood myth. There is no such oath in real life. Nothing personal, Mr. President!10. They follow all threatening letters.It’s not a myth. The Secret Service controls all electronic letters and letters that contain threats (even jocular). This organization also has a database of thousands of ink types to make the investigation process easier.