The 2011. Opposing Viewpoints.Opposing Viewpoints in Context,

The mass production of artificial intelligence creates jobs where there were once few. AI replaces monotonous factory work with machinery programmed with algorithms to perform mundane tasks whilst freeing resources at a high rate. Depending on the job, workers are “replaced by machines when it is efficient to do so, resulting in greater output and lower costs” (Newhard). The final product’s prices drive down, thus the wages of the consumers rises. “This, in turn, frees up cash for consumers to spend on other goods, boosting labor demand in other industries. New jobs emerge to service previously unfulfilled demands, even providing job opportunities for some previously displaced workers” (Newhard).

Direct jobs emerge from the expansion of AI in advanced automation: maintenance, engineering, and sales. A whole new line of jobs are open because of our society’s dependence on technological advancements. Despite the common belief of AI being a danger in the workplace, it actually replaces dangerous positions of labor with more accurate and precise ability.  Works Cited”AI Could Be a Firefighter’s ‘Guardian Angel'” NASA, NASA, 11 Aug. 2016,

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