Textspeak Ts Wireless Aac Speech Generator Essay

TS Wireless AAC Speech Generator is for children with communication disorders.

This assistive technology includes a keyboard and a voice box to produce voice output. It is used to help them communicate their thoughts and ideas to other people. The text-to-speech keyboard series converts the text to voice output while the user types.

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This technology has many advantages for its users. For instance, it works right out of the box without a computer.It can wirelessly connect to other keyboards and generate unlimited vocabulary speech. This item expands to support most standard and special needs keyboards. There are male and female voices included, and it has over thirty programmable phrases.

The only disadvantage of this product is if the user has mobility issues. If the child cannot use a keyboard, or does not know how to communicate properly, this product can be viewed as useless to them. TextSpeak Wireless can be used in the classroom in a variety of ways.When children have communication disorders, they have trouble relaying thoughts and information to their peers or teachers. If the class were doing an activity, such as a group project, the student could use this product to communicate with their partners and input their thoughts into the finished project. The child could simply type in his ideas on the keyboard so his classmates can hear his or her points about their project.

It would also be helpful if the child needed to ask any questions to the teacher about their assignment.


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