Texting While Driving Cause and Effect Essay

Raven McKenna Bailey ENG 0113 304 7 November 2012 The Stress in My Life.

There are many things that stress me in my life. My stresses include going to school, working a full time job, and taking care of my daughter. Those are my major stresses, but I also have small stresses to. My small stresses include managing a boyfriend, my social life, and handling everyday life experiences. All of this can be very stress full but I somehow seam to somehow get through the days. When I was sixteen years old I got pregnant with my first daughter Rylan.

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I was still in highschool and had a lot of choice to still be made. My parents told me how hard it would be to raise her on my own, but I did not believe them until after she was born. I am constantly having to stress about making sure she has clothes on her back and food in her mouth. I also have to make sure she has a baby sitter while I am at work and school.

Raising a child is very stressful, especially while trying to go to college. School stresses me out a lot, with trying to keep up with my work and study for all of my test.While I am at school I still contently have to stress about my daughter, on top of trying to pay attention in class. I am trying to go to college to get a degree to be a physical therapist. So I can give my daughter the future she dissevers. I contently have to bring my school work to work with me to get some of it done.

My job is very stressful so it has a big impact on my life. I currently work a full time job, as a pharmacy technician. I work around forty hours or more a week. Between my job and school I barely have any time for my daughter.My pay checks barely cover mine and my daughter’s expenses. Even though I my job stresses me out and takes time away from my daughter it is something I have to do. I have many stresses in my life that make me want to give up, but I do not because I have a lot of responsibility.

My daughter, my job, and school keep me really busy. My boyfriend, my social life, and handling everyday life experiences takes up the rest of my spare time. These are many reasons why my life is so stressful. At the end of the day when I come home to my daughter, she makes all my stress worth it.


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