Testing process of program Essay


Testing is the procedure of put to deathing a plan with the purpose of happening mistakes

Testing Types

There are two types of proving.1. Inactive Testing2. Dynamic Testing

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Inactive Testing:

Verifying the papers entirely is called inactive testing.

Dynamic Testing

Testing the functionality is called dynamic Testing.

Difference Between Static Testing And Dynamic Testing:

There are many attacks to package proving.

Reviews, walkthroughs or reviews are considered as inactive testing, whereas really put to deathing programmed codification with a given set of trial instances is referred to as dynamic testing. The former can be, and unluckily in pattern frequently is, omitted, whereas the latter takes topographic point when plans begin to be used for the first clip – which is usually considered the beginning of the testing phase. This may really get down before the plan is 100 % complete in order to prove peculiar subdivisions of codification ( faculties or distinct maps ) .For illustration, Spreadsheet plans are, by their very nature, tested to a big extent “ on the fly ” during the build procedure as the consequence of some computation or text use is shown interactively instantly after each expression is entered.

Testing Techniques:

White box testing OR ( clear box proving or glass box proving )The procedure of Checking the plan cryptography or beginning cryptography of the application is called as shred box testing.

White Box Testing Techniques:

Testing the application with the cognition of coding to analyze end product is called white box testing.

Black Box Testing:

( Testing of application without the cognition of coding ) Black box proving dainties the package as a black box without any cognition of internal execution.

Black box proving methods include equality breakdown, boundary value analysis, all-pairs testing, hair testing, model-based testing, traceability matrix, explorative testing and specification-based testing.

Testing Degrees

There are four proving degree such as ;1. Unit of measurement Testing2. Integration Testing3.

System Testing4. User credence Testing

Unit of measurement Testing:

The proving done to a unit or to a little piece of package. Done to verify if it satisfies its functional specification or its intended design construction.

Integration Testing:

Testing which takes topographic point as sub elements are combined ( i.e. , integrated ) to organize higher-level elementsOrTesting the related module/ one or more faculty together is called as integrating testing.

Types Of Incorporate Testing:

There are two types of incorporate Testing such as ;1. Exceed down Integration Testing.2. Bottom up Integration Testing.

1. Exceed Down Integration Testing:

Checking the high degree faculty to low degree faculty of the application. Low degree faculty usually simulated stubs.

2. Bottom Up Integration Testing:

Checking the low degree faculty to high degree faculty of the application. High degree faculty usually simulated chief.


System Testing:

Testing the package for the needed specifications on the intended hardware.Several faculties constitute a undertaking, one time all this faculties is incorporate several mistake may happen and this type of proving is done in system testing.

4. User Acceptance Testing:

Formal proving conducted to find whether or non a system satisfies its credence standards, which enables a client to find whether to accept the system or non.ORIt is the proving with purpose of corroborating preparedness of the merchandise and client credenceTesing intentVoltCoilingH2O

What Is Verification?

Confirmation ensures the merchandise is designed to present all functionality to the client ; it typically involves reappraisals and meetings to measure paperss, programs, codification, demands and specifications ; this can be done with checklists, issues lists, walk-through and inspection meetings.

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What Is Validation?

Validation ensures that functionality, as defined in demands, is the intended behaviour of the merchandise ; proof typically involves existent testing and takes topographic point after confirmations are completed.sentence structure mistake – an mistake of linguistic communication ensuing from codification that does non conform to the sentence structure of the programming linguistic communication ; “ syntax mistakes can be recognized at digest clip ” ; “ a common sentence structure mistake is to exclude a parenthesis ”hypertext transfer protocol: //www.thefreedictionary.

com/syntax+errorDefinition of: semantic mistakeIn scheduling, composing a valid scheduling construction with invalid logic. The compiler will bring forth instructions that the computing machine will put to death, because it understands the sentence structure of the scheduling statements, but the end product will non be right.

What Are The Quality Attributes?

The entirety of features of an entity that bear on its ability to fulfill stated or implied demands – ISOHow a Product developer will specify quality – The merchandise which meets the client demands.How Customer will specify Quality – Required functionality is provided with user friendly mode.These are some choice definitions from different position. Now lets see how can one step some quality properties of merchandise or application.Following factors are used to mensurate package development quality.

Each property can be used to mensurate the merchandise public presentation. These properties can be used for Quality confidence every bit good as Quality control. Quality Assurance activitiesare oriented towards bar of debut of defects and Quality control activities are aimed at observing defects in merchandises and services.


Measure if merchandise is dependable plenty to prolong in any status. Should give systematically right consequences.Product dependability is measured in footings of working of undertaking under different working environment and different conditions.


Different versions of the merchandise should be easy to keep.

For development its should be easy to add codification to bing system, should be easy to upgrade for new characteristics and new engineerings clip to clip. Care should be cost effectual and easy. System be easy to keep and rectifying defects or doing a alteration in the package.


This can be measured in footings of easiness of usage.

Application should be user friendly.Should be easy to larn. Navigation should be simple.

The system must be:

  • Easy to utilize for input readying, operation, and reading of end product.
  • Provide consistent user interface criterions or conventions with our other

often used systems.

  • Easy for new or infrequent users to larn to utilize the system.


This can be measured in footings of Costing issues related to porting, Technical issues related to porting, Behavioral issues related to porting.


Application should be right in footings of its functionality, computations used internally and the pilotage should be right. This means application should adhere to functional demands.


To Major system quality property. Measured in footings of clip required to finish any undertaking given to the system.

For illustration system should use processor capacity, disc infinite and memory expeditiously. If system is utilizing all the available resources so user will acquire debauched public presentation neglecting the system for efficiency. If system is non efficient so it can non be used in existent clip applications.

Integrity Or Security

Integrity comes with security. System unity or security should be sufficient to forestall unauthorised entree to system maps, forestalling information loss, guarantee that the package is protected from virus infection, and protecting the privateness of informations entered into the system.


System should be easy to prove and happen defects. If required should be easy to split in different faculties for proving.


Should be flexible plenty to modify. Adaptable to other merchandises with which it needs interaction.

Should be easy to interface with other standard 3rd party constituents.


Software reuse is a good cost efficient and clip salvaging development manner. Different codification libraries categories should be generic plenty to utilize easy in different application faculties. Dividing application into different faculties so that faculties can be reused across the application.


Interoperability of one system to another should be easy for merchandise to interchange informations or services with other systems.

Different system faculties should work on different runing system platforms, different databases and protocols conditions.Using above quality attributes criterions we can find whether system meets the demands of quality or non.


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