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Testing Hooke? s Law Essay, Research PaperHooke? s Law is when forces are applied to a solid object andit can ensue in extension or compaction. ?Hooke? s Law is able to foretell how a spring ( or other stretchyobject ) would act when force is applied to it.I purpose to demo how much force ( N ) strips of supermarketplastic bags will take before it reaches its elastic bound and whether thebreadth of the strips can change the results.

I am traveling to make a simple experiment that involves cutting aplastic bag into strips which are all different sizes, 25cm ten 5cm, 25cm ten 10 centimeterand 25cm ten 15cm. ? Then I am traveling to add 100g weights to the length of plasticbag until I reach its elastic limit. ? After each 100g has been added I am traveling to mensurate the newlength of the plastic bag strip. I will so observe the difference between the length of thestrip at the start of the experiment and the length at the terminal in order to seewhat lasting harm has been done. ? To do it a just trial I will utilize the same types of plasticbags and do certain that they are ever the same length. ? I will besides seek to gently add the weight so that the forcewith which it landed does non change the results.

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The most of import factors are that I make certain that it is ajust trial and that I take accurate measurements.I will necessitate to take measurings in centimeters after every100g is added.The ground I should obtain accurate consequences is because Icognize that the strip should stretch at equal sums until the strips have beenstretched beyond their elastic bound. I will hold to be careful to do certain that if the strip ofplastic bag breaks the falling weight could non be a danger to anyone. ? Iwill be taking minor safeguards and shall non be adding farcical sums ofweight onto the beam.The measurings that I will be taking must be done every bit reasonably as possible orthe consequences shall non be accurate. ?The equipment that I will utilize should be checked to do certain that there isnil incorrect with it ; I will do certain that I use the best equipment availableto me.

? Diagram Equipment list Clamp and Stand Weights ( In differentproportions ) A mensurating apparatus( Ruler ) Plastic bag strip Prediction I believe that the different breadths will somewhat change theresults. ? This is because the forceremains equal but there are more molecules contained in a larger surface ( widerstrip ) than there are in a smaller 1. ?The 25cm x 5cm length of plastic bag will make its elasticbound earlier than either of the other too.

The 25cm ten 15cm length should be able to defy thelargest sum of weight before making its elastic limit.The consequences should stay consistent and addition in evensums until the chosen strip reaches its elastic limit.Results? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? 25cmx 5cm? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? 25cm x 10cm? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? 25cm x 15cm Force applied ( gms ) Length addition ( Cm ) Length addition ( Cm ) Length addition ( Cm ) 100 30 30 30 200 30 30 30 300 31 31 31 400 31 31 31 500 32 32 32 600 32 32 32 700 33 33 33 800 35 33 33 900 42 34 34 1000 43 34 34 1100 Snapped 37 35 1200 38 35 1300 42 36 1400 48 36 1500 Snapped 37 1600 41 1700 43 1800 45 1900 49 2000 Snapped? ? Conclusion My anticipation was right.

?The difference in breadth did impact the elastic point on the plastic bagstrips. ? Due to holding precognition of Hooke? s Law it was easy toapproximately predict what the consequences were traveling to be. ? Besides being cognizant of the motion in molecules that are foundin solids was helpful. ? This helped mecome to the decision that due to the sum of force per unit area on certain parts ofthe strip a wider strip would be able to defy more pulling from theweights. ? Algebraic expression Force? ? ? ? & gt ; ? ? ?Strip Strip will stretch by? X? sum Double force = ? 2X? So? F & gt ; S S x X 2F = 2XEvaluation The experiment managed to bring forth some decent, accurateconsequences so that I was able to bring forth a graph and come to a goodconclusion. ? All of my consequences seemed to be really accurate. ? They all followed a form until they reachedthe elastic point.

? After they had hit the elastic point the consequences becameharder to record because they were so varied. ?Besides some of the measurings could hold been somewhat inaccuratebecause I was utilizing a 30cm ruler.To make certain that all my consequences were accurate I would holdto hold more clip and be able to reiterate them once more.


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