Tennessee Williams Essay Research Paper Tennessee WilliamsThomas

Tennessee Williams Essay, Research PaperTennessee WilliamsThomas ( Tennessee ) Lanier Williams born March 26, 1911 in Columbus,Mississippi.

The second of three childs. His male parent a shoe salesman and his female parent thegirl of a sermonizer. Williams lived a household life of convulsion. His household frequentlyengaged in violent statements during his young person. Williams got his first gustatory sensation of celebrity in1929 when he took 3rd topographic point in a national essay competition. Williams started college atthe University of Missouri until his male parent forced him to discontinue and travel to work for hisfather? s shoe mill.

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Later Williams returned to college in 1937 and where heresumed the authorship of dramas.Williams had two of his dramas, Candles to the Sun and The Fugitive Kind,produced by Mimes of St. Louis, and in 1938. Williams graduated from theUniversity of Iowa. Williams so went to Chicago in hunt of work, neglecting, he somoved to New Orleans and changed his name from Tom to Tennessee which was theprovince of his male parent & # 8217 ; s birth.

In 1939, the immature dramatist received a $ 1,000Rockefeller Grant. In 1944, what many consider to be his best drama, The GlassMenagerie, had a really successful tally in Chicago, and a twelvemonth subsequently worked its manner ontoBroadway. Peoples think that Williams used his ain household relationships as secret plans forthe drama.The Glass Menagerie won the New York Drama Critics Circle Award for bestdrama of the season. Williams followed up his first major critical success with severalother Broadway hits including such dramas as A Streetcar Named Desire, Summer andSmoke, A Rose Tattoo, and Camino Real.

He received his first Pulitzer Prize in 1948for A Streetcar Named Desire, and reached an even larger global audience in1950 and 1951 when The Glass Menagerie and A Streetcar Named Desire were madeinto major gesture images. Later dramas which were besides made into gesture imagesinclude Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, which he earned a 2nd Pulitzer Prize in 1955.Williams struggled with depression throughout most of his life. For much ofhis life, he battled dependences to prescription drugs and intoxicant.

February 24, 1983,Tennessee Williams choked to decease on a bottle cap at his New York City abodeat the Hotel Elysee. He is buried in St. Louis, Missouri.Williams drama, The Glass Menagerie, is about the Wingfeild household, thefemale parent Amanda and here two kids Tom and Laura. Amanda has a life that iscentered around happening a gentleman friend for her girl Laura, a hubby. Tomplants in a shoe warehouse.

Laura is crippled, she has one leg shorter than the otherand lives a really insecure life and is afraid people will do merriment of her. Laura has aaggregation of glass figures that she uses for an flight from world, and besides listens tothe record player. Laura quit college and didn? T tell her female parent for hebdomads because shewas afraid that her female parent would be upset, which she was. Laura went every bit far as towalk around St. Louis for eight hours a twenty-four hours, instead than admit to her female parent shedropped out of Business College.

Amanda criticizes Tom from everything from eating to how to have on his hair.Tom? s female parent invariably is pecking at him to inquire a gentleman company to see from thewarehouse he works. Tom eventually agrees to convey place a gentleman company. Jim, thegentleman company, is a adult male who went to high school with both Tom and Laura.

Laurahad a crush on Jim long ago because he was nice to her dorsum in high school. When

/ & gt ;Jim comes naming, Amanda is really relentless that Laura answers the door. Laura isreally insecure with herself and doesn? T privation to travel to the door, Laura pleads with hermother non to do her reply the door. At first Laura is still diffident and gets illbefore dinner, but subsequently on her and Jim really acquire to sing some. They talk aboutwhen Jim called Laura Blue Roses back in high school.

Jim listens to Laura? smemories of him from high school and uses those memories to give Laura the feelingthat he thinks she needs. Even though Laura is still a spot uneasy about the eventide,Jim does get down to assist her to construct up her assurance about herself a small spot. Whenthe horn interruptions off of the unicorn while Jim and Laura are dancing, Laura picks it upand says? Its merely like all the others now? . Jim explains that merely because a thing orindividual looks a small different that it doesn? t mean that every one really sees it.Laura ends up giving the glass unicorn to Jim. Laura is experiencing more confident aboutherself, because before the unicorn was her most valued piece of glass because it wasdifferent from all the others, and in this manner reminded her of herself.Jim tells Amanda and Laura that he is engaged to be married. Amanda seemsto be more disquieted about the intelligence of the battle than Laura.

She blames Tom forputing up a ill gag. Amanda calls Tom a selfish treasonist, as ever, Tom gets theincrimination for everything from his female parent. Tom eventually walks down the fire flight for thelast clip, to follow in his male parents footfalls.

Each character in this drama uses something to ease the strivings of their lives.Amanda uses her kids, or lives her life through them. Amanda possibly wanted thegentleman company more for herself more than for Laura. As she realizes that herhubby had left her long ago and needed to hold a adult male in her life to make full an emptyspread.Tom uses the films for his flight from his female parent and the awful life hisfemale parent puts him through all the clip. Amanda ever blamed Tom for everythingthat seemed to travel incorrect. Amanda wanted Tom to experience guilty for holding his aindreams of his ain life.

Tom was made to experience responsible for Laura and was toldthat he couldn? Ts leave until his sister had found a adult male and had a unafraid life of herain. Laura, with her glass aggregation, and her record player lived in a universe of herain. She would keep and look through the glass unicorn instead than confront the existentuniverse, she lived in a universe of phantasy. Amanda? s hubby, merely merely an image on thewall in the background obviously did get away into the universe to be who he wanted tobe.The full drama? The Glass Menagerie? was about people and how theydreamed. Each individual with a different dream of their ain, merely as our ain lives,looking for that great flight and running with it at the right clip.

The drama brought out every type of experiencing a individual could hold. The hatethat Amanda seemed to go through out. Commiseration, because Laura was crippled and was sowithdrawn because of it.

The feeling of bravery when Tom stood up to his female parentand told her how he felt. Suspense when we knew a gentleman company was about toarrive, who was he, what was he like? Disappointment and disgust when Lauraseemed to wish Jim and felt comfy around him and so to happen out that he wasengaged. Hope, that Tom could get away his female parents madness and that Laura wouldhappen a adult male so it would liberate Tom of the duties his female parent had put upon him.


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