Tejano Music Essay Research Paper I What

Tejano Music Essay, Research PaperI. What I knew about Tejano musicFor me it all started out with Selena. I remember a male child in my in-between school category giving me & # 8220 ; Como La Flor & # 8221 ; at one of our school dances in 7th class. After that Tejano merely kind of stuck in my caput and all I of all time thought of the vocal was that I had rejected that male child. Selena was rather a Tejana star at the clip, and I was shocked with her slaying two old ages subsequently. She was a five star function theoretical account for Mexican-Americans to associate to and appreciate. Her vocals live on in the Tejano universe, as does her sprit and love for the music.

Traveling on to listen to sets such as La Mafia, Intenso, and Intocable ; singing & # 8220 ; Vida & # 8221 ; by La Mafia was one of my favourite past times. Even though I could non talk Spanish good, I could ever sing it good. I knew that they were regional sets and likely the lone sort you could happen in the Rio Grande Valley to play for a nuptials, quincenera, or party.I thought Tejano could non be born anyplace else but in Texas because after all that is the significance of Tejano-Texan in Spanish. I have lived in South Texas all my life, which means that I grew up in an stray Hispanic community. Although I was non a Tejano music overzealous, I related to the music and understood the words good. Tejano was non popular worldwide at the clip but I held my favourites. I knew that as Mexican-Americans that this music was a blend of civilizations.

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Over clip Tejano music became my favourite. I feel this music has so much feeling and love in it and at times it makes me emotional. & # 8220 ; Corrazon & # 8221 ; , by Intenso, ever reminds me of an old bosom interruption and I no affair what everytime I hear it I have to sing along. Every clip I want to experience sad and happy all at one time, I turn the wireless to a Tejano station. I feel my roots in the music that our civilization has created ; I don & # 8217 ; t believe Tejano music could be taken off from me now.II. What I wanted to cognizeTejano has been around for a long clip, but how long? The length of clip it has been around can state a batch about Tejano civilization because music speaks so much for its people.

Is it right to presume that it was created here in Texas? What I truly wanted to cognize was how it was created and how it has changed. What connexion does Tejano music have to the community and how do we encompass it? Obviously the music has become really popular and I wanted to cognize how we came to love it and do it popular. I based my hunt on the Internet because I wanted to seek a broad base.III. SearchingI spent most of my clip seeking the Internet for the history of Tejano music and the Tejano community. I searched the Rio Grande Valley Internet sites because after all it is a great Latino base and it is rich with Mexican-American civilization. I was disappointed in the fact that there are so small RGV sites on the Internet about civilization.

It became rather obvious to me that my community is non populating in the fast paced universe of the Internet rather every bit extravagantly as others American races. I did find some good information on a site called hypertext transfer protocol: //www.ondanet.com about the history of Tejano.

There was a broad choice of information that was non utile to me ; they were Tejano music shops! I struggled to happen more information and so I faced the fact that seeking the Internet for Tejano information was non the best manner to travel.IV. What I learnedUnfortunately I couldn & # 8217 ; t answer all my inquiries in deepness the manner I had hoped but I did derive more cognition on the Tejano topic.

The topic on the history was limited on the Internet but there was some helpful information.& # 8220 ; The music, like the people, has shaped by the unusual experience of bing between two civilizations. The consequence is a synthesis, which is non wholly Mexican or entirely American. No other medium besides music so closely reflects the Mexican American spirit. & # 8221 ; ( 1 )I have learned that Tejano is unlike that of stone, blame, heavy metal, and state, it is more general.

Tejano is made up of the music that we love to do and listen to.& # 8220 ; Tejano music is no generic because we are non generic. It is what we listen to and it in bend listens to us. & # 8221 ; ( 2 )The music changes with our influence in the music. The Tejano civilization, since its creative activity in the eighteenth century, has held strong ties with the Mexican border districts. Today we still tie the Mexican provinces of Nuevo Leon and Tamalipas as an influence in our Tejano civilization.Other civilizations brought their music to Texas and influenced Tejanos during the early 1900 & # 8217 ; s.

In the 1850 & # 8217 ; s, Europeans from Germany, Poland and Czech democracy migrated to Texas and Mexico but were subsequently forced to fly during the Mexican Revolution of 1910-1917. They left some of their civilization behind which would subsequently impact Tejanos. Some of the civilization they left behind includes Polkas, Waltz, and other popular signifiers of music and dance. Tejanos at foremost largely sang old vocals from Mexico and Spain that had been passed down coevalss. As instrumentalists of the clip traveled though Texas they picked up the sounds and instruments of other civilizations.& # 8220 ; With the squeeze box, membranophone and the bajo sexto, a 12 twine bass guitar from Spain, Tejanos now had a sound they could get down to name their own. & # 8221 ; ( 3 )So What is Tejano Music & # 8230 ; & # 8230 ; .

?& # 8220 ; Tejano Music is a alone blend of Rock & # 8216 ; n Roll, Country, Polka, Rhythm and Blues. The sounds and wordss reflect the emotions, pride, and multi-cultural experience of the Mexican-American life style. The intergal portion of Tejano music has a alone blend of the squeeze box and the Bajo-Sexto guitar ( 12 strings ) that form the sound & # 8221 ; Tejano. & # 8221 ; ( 4 )Whether they were the sort of vocals that made you call, acquire rummy, or rejoice in love they were vocals that came from the bosom of Tejano who has spent his whole life listening to Tejano music remembers it in a different manner, I remember when Tejano was more of a slow type, girlie music, and in the 50 & # 8217 ; s that sound was taken off with such people as Joe Y La Familia.

This new Tejano is what we hear today.31f


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