Iycee Charles de Gaulle Summary Teenage Years Essay Research Paper Teenage YearsPeople

Teenage Years Essay Research Paper Teenage YearsPeople

Teenage Old ages Essay, Research Paper

Teenage Old ages

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Peoples who are nostalgic about childhood, were evidently ne’er kids. Few people can retrieve the truth about

adolescence. Their minds & # 8220 ; censor & # 8221 ; their memories ; and have them believe that being a adolescent was was one large party, free of

attentions and duties. Well let me state this, you couldn? T be more incorrect if you had a leukotomy. There aren & # 8217 ; t that many

grownups around who realise what adolescence was truly similar. The torment, the fright, the anxiousness, the emphasis. People don & # 8217 ; T

retrieve those jobs because they want to bury them.

The truth of the affair is, is that being a adolescent is difficult, right from the beginning, and it doesn & # 8217 ; t acquire any easier. We are such

easy quarry for large name companies who advertise utilizing the force per unit area of popularity, looks and sex to coerce us to purchase their

merchandise that, as it turns out, we ne’er wanted or needed in the first topographic point. Our lives are filled with emphasis. One of the greatest

beginnings of force per unit area is school. Where we are herded like cowss from room to room, masticating on our rechewed food, while the hay of

cognition is force Federal to us as we are seeking our hardest to quaff it down as more and more is shovelled in. Another great

beginning of force per unit area is ourselves. We try our hardest to be accepted among a certain group or circle. Whereas most of the clip

we are rejected and we become down. Depression, another job, along with ignorance and apathy that thwarts our

lives. A wise adult male when questioned about his position on ignorance and apathy, said & # 8220 ; I don & # 8217 ; T know, and I don & # 8217 ; t give a darn.

We find mercantile establishments for our emotions through either art, poesy or music, being the three most common. There are 1000s of

verse forms drifting about written by bitter or down adolescents that are ne’er recognised as plants of art. Another signifier of

flight for adolescents is, unluckily, s

uicide. It is dismaying how high the adolescent self-destruction rates have risen over the past decennary.

Yet, it is soothing that there are support groups and counselors available now to assistance teens through their problems. Because no

one wants to see a life full of promise and possible terminal suddenly because of a small sorrow in one child & # 8217 ; s life. Another ground for

adolescent self-destruction is their place life. The teenager gets caught in the center of an statement between their parents, and they take the

incrimination personally. This is non right. Sometimes the kid is beaten or abused and is forced to run off into the streets, where

they become stateless, and sometimes abducted. Sometimes they merely die in a back back street during a cold winter? s dark, and

they are ne’er missed. At 16, a adolescent knows about agony, because he himself has suffered, but he hardly knows that

other existences besides suffer.

Although, some adolescents face their jobs. They plod along through school. Some of them acquire after-school or weekend

occupations. They learn duty. Finally, they enter maturity and the work force. Successful, confident, and tidal bore to

work. They lead their lives utilizing the cognition they swallowed throughout their instruction and the power they gained. But

non long after, they forget about the dips and beads of their adolescence and go slightly hypocritical when they go up to

adolescents and say & # 8220 ; These are the best old ages of your life & # 8221 ; , or & # 8220 ; What duty? You & # 8217 ; ve got it easy & # 8221 ; . These lines are heard

much excessively frequently.

Hopefully, it can merely acquire easier for adolescents to get by with the universe and to populate to their full potency. Where a adolescent can

Wade through the jaws of advertizers, the popularity competition, their parents, and most of all, depression? s cold claws. For, up

until now, it ne’er occurred to anyone anyplace that the adolescent was a prisoner in a hostile universe of grownups.