Teenage Sex Essay Research Paper Premarital sex

Teenage Sex Essay, Research PaperPrenuptial sex is a immense job in society today. Peoples everyplace are non waiting until they get married to hold sex. Peoples holding sex today are non cognizant of the effects that come with holding sex. They merely think it is fun and there are nil other than merriment comes with holding sex.

Some people tend to hold a batch of sex. They say they do it for the satisfaction. They believe sex is fun. It is perceived to be a great thing from the clip one is immature. Traveling to simple school childs ever talked about the twenty-four hours they were traveling to hold sex.

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They looked frontward to it. Where they got the thought that sex was such a great thing is a inquiry that one must inquire? The films, possibly. The magazines that one sees when delving through the shortss of an older brother, uncle or 1s father. Sexual activity is all over society. You can non watch overseas telegram telecasting without seeing people snoging closely, or even holding sex. Just because overseas telegram does non demo full nakedness does non do it any better to allow an eight twelvemonth old kid ticker a telecasting show full of sex.In today & # 8217 ; s society adult females are non held to that same criterion as work forces are when it comes to holding sex.Now that the grounds people are holding sex has been slightly discussed and is out of the manner, allow us discourse the effects that come with holding sex, such as A.

I.D.S. This is a deathly virus that kills 1s immune system. A individual ne’er dies from the existent virus. They die from the diseases that they would non hold otherwise contracted if they still had a strong immune system.

The immune system doesn & # 8217 ; t die easy either it take at least five old ages for the immune system to finally give out. A individual can decease from a simple cold if they have contracted the A.I.D.

S virus. They cold starts of as a normal one does but it merely keeps acquiring worse and worse. Peoples suffer before they die from this disease. This disease has been responsible for killing 1000000s of people.

The manner this virus is contracted is through exchange of bodily fluids. Sexual activity is the figure one manner this virus is spread. What people are non recognizing is this disease is lifelessly and by holding prenuptial sex and non being monogamous they excessively can contract this disease. Peoples are really cognizant that this disease is out at that place but they do non understand that it can impact them.There are tonss of other diseases out at that place other than A.I.

D.S that are caused by holding sex. Most other sexually transmitted diseases are lifelessly but they are curable if found before they cause your organic structure harm. Let & # 8217 ; s non bury how painful these diseases are.

All I can state when I think of undertaking something every bit painful as a disease every bit painful as these have been described is ouch! Why would person even want to take the opportunity of undertaking one of these atrocious diseases? There is a really simple solution if one would desire to avoid undertaking one of these atrocious diseases. It & # 8217 ; s merely every bit easy as non holding sex.Let & # 8217 ; s non bury how bad a repute could be damaged if people found out that a individual had a sexually familial disease. They would be laughed at and ridiculed. Peoples would believe that a individual was dirty if they knew they had diseases. What sort of feeling would a individual have cognizing that they have a disease that they have contracted through sexual intercourse.

Possibly a better inquiry is, what sort of feeling could aindividual walk into a church with cognizing that people know they have a disease that they have contracted while holding sex before they were married?The major spiritual belief in the United States is Christianity. Christianity teaches that holding sex before acquiring married is incorrect. Having sex is a wickedness and when people sin they go to hell. Lots of people have sex with other people merely to make it.

They don & # 8217 ; t believe of that others feelings. Christianity teaches people to handle others as they would wish to be treated. I & # 8217 ; m certain no individual likes acquiring his or her feelings hurt. Peoples should believe about others before they do such things such as usage others for sex.

Christianity besides teaches that lecherousness is a wickedness. It is one of the seven deathly wickednesss and it should non be taken lightly harmonizing to spiritual instructions. Lust leads to sex, and if sex is taken lightly people more and more people will get down to hold kids out of marriage.Pregnancy is besides a consequence of sex. Those who are non married and have kids don & # 8217 ; t merely do their ain lives harder by burthening themselves financially but they besides make it harder for their kids to populate without both of their parents there for them at all times.

In some instances kids are left with merely one parent and have to turn up the remainder of their lives experiencing unwanted because their biological male parent did non lodge around. A kid can non grok the fact that his or her male parent merely had was with his or her female parent to hold sex. How could you explicate this to a kid? You couldn Ts and if you did there would decidedly be something incorrect with you.

An even worse instance is a kid who is put up for acceptance. He or she knows nil about his or her existent parents and is ne’er given the oppurtunity to be given the love that every kid deserves from his or her parents. I believe it would be hard non to cognize who your parents were. It would kill me to believe that I could hold had a female parent and male parent like most normal people but parents didn & # 8217 ; T want me.Sexual activity is non wholly bad. In my sentiment sex should be treated like everything else and be done in moderateness.

Peoples should larn to understand one another and understand that sex is a large measure in relationships. If it were non a large measure there would be no point to acquire married. Why would a individual privation to purchase a used auto when they could purchase a new auto? Sorry that it has to be put that manner but that is the rough world of it. Peoples who have slept around are non traveling to hold an easy clip happening a life mate. Cipher wants person who had slept with all of their friends.

Why would you? How could you? It would be truly awkward holding all of my friends standing in my nuptials knowing that had all had sex with a individual that was traveling to be my married woman in a twosome of hours.Hopefully people will get down to look at everything they can lose from holding sex before matrimony. The same goes for those who can non be monogamous.

Peoples should keep themselves to a higher criterion. If people had more assurance I believe that they would experience they needed to hold sex to affect people or to do people happy. Sexual activity should be a consequence of love and should hold more significance than it does to some people.

The full point is sex has earlier matrimony has effects. There are many and I & # 8217 ; ve merely touched based on a few. If I were to travel over every ground that sex was incorrect the list would ne’er stop.31e


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