Teenage Rights Essay Research Paper The Rights

Teenage Rights Essay, Research PaperThe Rights of the Young American DismissedUnder the eyes of God we are all created equal, and under the foundation of the state with Gods blessing all frequenters of the great USA are created equal.

Right? Well that s what I thought until my eyes were opened this summer to the cruel REAL universe. Is at that place any logical thinking that befalls the United States Police Force to sabotage the hereafter of the USA? Are we so evil that we must be Plagued by the changeless torment of the constabulary to follow us wherever we go no affair what we do? Are we so naif as to allow this continue in the universe that is supposed to be our Peaceful and Humble residence? No. We are the 1s that will shortly run this state and alteration starts with us. So here is our voice.

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Listen if you will, or listen if you wont. Either manner you will hear our voice. We are of 1000000s in size and will non fall to the beck, call, and bid of those who merely hold age higher than us.Inside this papers of our ailments, regards, and concerns you will hear how the immature leaders feel and suffer. Points will be explained and many voices will speak. This is non merely the point of view of me, but that of the full coevals around me. I am merely the message carrier. Take discourtesy to the following if you wish.

Though this is non meant to pique, it is meant to constructively knock. We are here non to work ourselves within the name of heroes. We are here to sabotage the incorrect and uphold the right.Point 1: Stereo Typical TeenagerOn Sunday dark, September 5th 1999, friends and I were eating outside of Apple Valley McDonalds. Two Apple Valley Police Officers approached us in their vehicles and asked us to go forth.

Upon a friends going I threw, a manus signal, which is known as Peace. Deducing from the old manus signal of triumph from the war. It is a manus gesture that consists of the in-between finger and index being placed in the unsloped place and the pollex traversing behind them. Make non allow this be confused with a pack mark, as did the two constabulary officers. I was told that I was to have a commendation upon the following clip I threw this Gang Sign in public, for Disorderly Conduct. Upon our go forthing a constabulary officer followed the auto of John Doe for a block and a half and so pulled over his vehicle. There was no ground for the officers to follow his auto in the first topographic point. Upon drawing over his auto I walked over to John and proceeded to inquire what they pulled him over for.

I was told to endorse away from his vehicle by the constabulary. As I did this I was so told to put my custodies on the goon of their vehicle. I was placed in the dorsum of the constabulary auto and detained for about 25-30 proceedingss. I was now able to see the process in which the constabularies take to compose and present a ticket. What I know now scares me. When did the United States Rules and Statutes for the Police Force of the United States include knocking, express joying at, and jesting about the state of affairs in public? In fact when was this all included even in a private conversation. Now I am no attorney but as a voice of many I can state that I know this is Non-Ethical and Undue behaviour coming out of anybody, and particularly a citizen extremely upheld by society as a whole, that is their to protect and function. Though I maybe incorrect they are non at that place to mortify and disrespect, as we are non allowed to our seniors.

This state of affairs may look easy to work out to many people. You say, Don T throw the peace mark any longer. Why should we as a civilization have to alter our behaviours that in no ways have consequence on the society as a whole or as a portion? In fact all it is, is a mark of regard and going to those whom you know and respect. Is this so incorrect? Is it so hard as to understand that we may be different but non unsafe?Point 2: Finish for the MinorThis summer was a summer like most for many. We hung out around the metro country and talked over nutrient.

Problem, we were non allowed to hang out. We received many warnings from multiple constabulary officers over this span of Rosemount, Apple Valley, Farmington, and Lakeville. Warnings about lounging in the tonss of concerns and Parkss of these degree Celsiussities. We have nowhere to travel. Nowhere to play.

Nowhere to park our autos and hang out with friends and to run into new people. What are we to make? Where are we to travel?The inquiry, after clip, rose up within our crowd. We were non allowed in Parkss after the clip of 9 and would frequently have ailments before so for noise. So we were left with the determination to travel back business district. Upon geting here it normally took about 1-2 hours before storeowners would name the constabulary about our loitering. So where bash we travel? What is the metropolis traveling to make for us? We have until 11p.m. Weeknights and 12am Friday and Saturday darks.

Asking the constabulary officers of these metropoliss got us nowhere. The lone responses we got were ; Well Not Here. Or Honestly, there is nowhere for you to travel. Well if the metropolis wants us to assist with their changeless calls of lounging designate a topographic point for us to travel. Give us a park, construct us a edifice, find us a concern or allow us utilize a batch. To protest our dissatisfaction with the manner the metropolis is managing our state of affairs, we will get down to put our autos in the metropolis hall parking batch.

Away from concerns and companies. Away from where we will impact concern. This is our manner or your manner. The state of affairs now lies within your custodies.Point 3: Stereotyped AdolescentsWhen the word adolescent is heard by many of the people in this state their first feeling is as follows: Noisy, Disrespectful, Dirty, Annoying, Trouble, Bad Drivers, and immature. The immature 1s now rise. We decided that the state fixes this misconception and stops the prevarications or we make society a truth talker.

If this is what society wants so it is what society can acquire. This is non what we want and I am certain this is non what the remainder of society wants, but you have left us with no pick. We are now the oppressed. African Americans, Indians, Women, and now us. Adolescents. You may reason, battle, or knock this remark but this is true. We are followed invariably by the constabulary force, invariably looked down upon by grownups, and even kicked out of eating houses, shops, and edifices.

Not because we have said or done anything but because of our age. We are discriminated against and hated by much of the older portion of society. What is your footing of take downing behaviour, which seems to hold no 2nd thought upon your intervention of us? We are ill of the being followed by constabulary for no peculiar ground. Blocks at a clip. Bing harassed when supporting our rights, which have been violated by certain officers and citizens.

We are ill of esteeming those who don t regard us. We will non any longer. Respect is something earned non merely given.. You will handle us with it or we will handle you as you do us. You spend an full twelvemonth giving your attending to us constructing our trust within you to protect and function us. This plan is known as D.

A.R.E. We gain your trust merely to someway interrupt it within a affair of old ages. What has caused this? What is your concluding? Why? Well until an account is given we rise. This is the clip of a new coevals of heads. We don t need your guns. We don t need your armour.

We have our heads. We think otherwise than the universe has of all time. When our clip comes we will do alteration. That is now.

Our clip. Certain we are immature but who said we were stupid. We have taken our portion and we are non traveling to allow the following coevals endure what we have for decennaries. Give us ground. Sit with us and speak.

You give us a clip and we will demo. We thank the constabulary officers that do this already. We thank Sergeant Joe Shaw, of the Apple Valley constabularies section, for making this. We know there are still people like you out at that place but we must check down on those who are non. We do non state that all grownups, officers, and political figures are all the same. We do cognize, though, that some of your point of views of us are incorrect and that we will alter this.We are done for now. Form a clip to talk or revenge with what you wish.

This can be the terminal of everything right here or the reactions and intervention you have received from us in the yesteryear can go on. Life may non be just, but the balance shouldn T be wholly tipped one manner either. Justice will originate and our voices will be heard.324


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