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Teen Sex Essay, Research PaperIn the article, & # 8220 ; Society Should Encourage Teens to Postpone Sex Until Marriage, & # 8221 ; Joseph Perkins argues that in order to avoid unwanted gestations and sexually familial diseases, adolescent should be taught to abstain from sex, instead than be taught about rubbers and other signifiers of birth control. Perkins besides suggests that, & # 8220 ; sexual activity & # 8230 ; outside of matrimony is likely to hold harmful psychological and physical effects. & # 8221 ; Perkins besides points out that since more abstinence-only plans have been introduced, & # 8220 ; teen-age gestations, abortions, and births have fallen. Perkins sets out in this article to rede grownups that if they convey the message that prenuptial sex is incorrect, that teens are more likely to listen.Now there are many ways to look at this statement.

I, like Perkins, believe that teens should prorogue sex until matrimony, but merely about everything that Perkins says after that, has me up in weaponries.With so many sexually familial diseases traveling about today, it is important that teens be informed on how they can protect themselves. It & # 8217 ; s great that so many teens that are take parting in these abstinence-only plans are make up one’s minding to abstain from sex until matrimony, but what about those adolescents who decide that they aren & # 8217 ; t? What happens to them? In Perkins scenario, those teens will be ill-informed about birth control, and when they do hold sex, those will be the teens that will either go pregnant, catch an STD, or even both.

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Now isn & # 8217 ; t that what Perkins is seeking to avoid?In add-on to Perkins abstention merely plan, I besides disagree with his idea that if grownups advocate that prenuptial sex is incorrect, that teens will listen. Now I am closely weaving down my old ages as a adolescent, and I can talk from personal experience, that if your parents telcubic decimeter you that you are non supposed to make something, be it traveling to a rated R film, remaining out tardily, or holding sex, opportunities are that you’re traveling to make it anyhow. Why? Because when person says that something is incorrect, it brings upon this new entreaty, particularly to teens, which believe that they’re unseeable and mature plenty to make something that they may non be ready for.I most surely agree with Perkins that teens should wait until matrimony to hold sex, but I strongly believe that the manner he is reasoning to travel about the issue, is both insecure and unrealistic. The truth is that no affair how many abstinence-only plans that teens go through, there is traveling to be those striplings that are traveling to travel out and hold sex anyhow. So why should those adolescent suffer because of the determination that they made. I think that alternatively of an abstinence-only plan, teens should be take parting in a general sexual instruction plan. It should portray the message that one should wait until matrimony to hold sex, but merely in instance there are those people who don & # 8217 ; t believe that, they should besides be given information on how they can protect themselves.

In add-on to this out of place direction, teens should besides be acquiring some sort of lesson from the place every bit good. It shouldn & # 8217 ; t merely be, & # 8220 ; Don & # 8217 ; Ts have sex, & # 8221 ; this leaves an stripling confused and uneducated. Parents should speak to their childs about non holding sex. Why they should wait, what could go on if they don & # 8217 ; t, and how to protect themselves if they believe they are ready to hold sex. This manner, the adolescent will be good informed.

It is more than probably that society will be reasoning about this really same statement 20, 30, even 50 old ages from now, but if outside instruction, and in place messages are good designed and genuinely helpful, so possibly STDs and unwanted adolescent gestations can go a thing of the yesteryear.


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