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Technology Vs. Humanity Essay, Research PaperTechnology V. Humanity In Aldous Huxley & # 8217 ; s, Brave New World, there is a major contrast between two bing societies. It is a conflict between the perfect universe, the brave new universe, and the manner that we live today, the Savage Reservation. The two societies have many similarities ; nevertheless, it is at that place differences, which will carry your sentiment to one side or another. First of all, in the courageous new universe the major end is to make Utopia, the perfect universe.

It is a really clean and organized society where feelings and emotions are unheard of and peace is safeguarded through the province & # 8217 ; s procedure of conditioning all the immature to believe likewise. In the courageous new universe matrimony is out and birth is an unreal procedure done in trial tubings. By making this, both stableness and popularity are controlled by the figure of trial tubing births and ordinance of supply and demand. After their unreal birth the kids, who vary in five different castes, are conditioned to a occupation, which they will make for the balance of their 40 to 43 twelvemonth old lives. It has been stated that & # 8220 ; what adult male has joined, nature is powerless to set asunder. & # 8221 ; Even though kids are forced to take part in a assortment of activities to develop & # 8220 ; proper & # 8221 ; societal attitudes in the hereafter, this society has chosen machinery, medical specialty, and felicity.

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On the other manus, the Savage Reservation is rather different from the courageous new universe. It is a society contained of largely Indians that are blessed with all the traces of life as it was before the coming of the bossy Utopia. They are considered a crude group who were non deserving change overing to the new order becausethey are titled as excessively simple-minded. These Savages are of course born, have household values, and are capable of achieving any occupation they want to make in life. Unlike the Utopians, the Savages are non conditioned to their future function in life and nor are they forced to decease in their early mid-fortiess. They can populate into creaky old age or every bit long as they want.

Although the Savages live in a hapless, dirty, and extremely vulnerable morbid country, it seems that they are happy. They are able to take either a life of purdah or go one with the community, even if they are considered complications to the universe.After reading the book and taking all the information about both the societies and their features, I feel that I would prefer to populate in the Savage Reservation. Despite the poorness and soil, I feel it would outdo suit me and the things I look for in life. What I & # 8217 ; m seeking to state is that I need freedom and chance. I can non be controlled like a automaton and do the same occupation everyday of my life. Nor could I go through life without feelings or emotions.

The courageous new universe to me is non Utopia, it is engineering. It is taking all human values and traces of life and throwing them off. What is the point of life if you do non acquire to show individualism or acquire to confront jobs of ordinary life? This is why I think populating in the Savage Reservation would be better than the courageous new universe. In decision, Huxley & # 8217 ; s Brave New World is the comparing of two societies which are really different from one another. They both contain sensible ways to run the universe & # 8217 ; nevertheless, I feel that the Savage Reservation would be a more suited environment for me than the courageous new universe.


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