Technology On Society Essay Research Paper The

Technology On Society Essay, Research PaperThe Recent Negative Effect of Technology on SocietyRoy KantrowitzMr. IngramEnglish 101/105ReportEver since the Industrial revolution, engineering has been altering at afast gait. Peoples are ever desiring a better life style therefore there isever something new originating so worlds can get by with their physical environment.One of the most of import discoveries for engineering was the agriculturalsystem. The agricultural system was the footing for the engineering of the hereafter.

The agricultural system brought on the demand for transit, workers and even,conflicts over land. The demand for transit brought vehicles into the market.The demand for employees brought mechanical automatons into society. Battles overland brought on the demand for sophisticated arms. The agricultural systembrought on a revolution.

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The innovation of the telecasting can convey media andother signifiers of amusement into your house with picture and sound combined.Before 1950, newspapers and wireless were the lone ways to convey media oramusement into the house. Mass production and other occupation chancesbrought many people from the suburbs and farms into the metropolis.

We can now holdsignifiers of electricity directed into our houses for warming and visible radiation. Worlds aremore reliant on engineering so of all time earlier. All of these technologicalprogresss sound great, nevertheless, there is a negative consequence to all this engineering.Technology can function to really harm worlds instead so assist them. Competitionbetween companies or even metropoliss can sometimes do lives for worlds even worse.Take for illustration when a metropolis builds better and more roads to pull tourers.This really creates more traffic, non less. Technology besides changes our senseof common intent.

New innovations such as the personal computing machine and machinescan alter our life styles. Even things we take for granted such as thecar have negative effects on engineering. The oil needed for a auto to rundemands to be imported and sometimes accidents such as the Exxon Valdez incidentspills many gallons of oil into the ocean. All of these illustrations show howengineering has negative effects on society.First, competition can take to a negative consequence of engineering. When acompany in the U.

S. produces places and a company in Great Britain produces placesevery bit good, they must contend for their market portion. Lashkar-e-taibas say the company in GreatBritain purchases more machines that will cut down the sum of workers neededand better end product, so they can cut down the monetary value of their merchandise. If thecompany in New York doesn & # 8217 ; t follow in their footfalls so they could be forcedout of concern. In this instance the company is forced into purchasing the machinesmerely so they can remain in concern. This has a negative consequence on the employeeswho will be replaced by the new machines.

When a metropolis wants to pull tourersby constructing better roads to decrease traffic there is a error because this willmerely make more traffic since there will be more people desiring to go theseroads. McManus says the inability to see the hereafter is responsible for thenegative effects of new engineerings. He besides states better roads do moretraffic congestion, non less. By making better roads, more people will desireto go these roads ( A-1 ) . If New York City built a new sophisticatedmain road to pull more tourers so more New Yorkers will desire to go theseroads every bit good.

Many New Yorkers who antecedently used mass theodolite to go towork will now desire to utilize a auto to go to work. In consequence there will be moretraffic and more pollution. There will be other side effects every bit good. Realestate values of countries near the main road could travel down. Competition can assist acommunity in one facet nevertheless it can ache it every bit good. Competition canstraight excite the economic system, nevertheless, long term effects such as pollution andthe loss of occupations could explicate why the City of New York doesn & # 8217 ; t finish aundertaking like this.

Second, engineering can alter our sense of common intent. For 1000000sof old ages, world has been used to making everything for themselves. For a longclip peoples & # 8217 ; chief concerns were survival. To last agencies to travel out into theforests or woods and shoot animate beings for the nutrient which the household needs to eatfor the twenty-four hours. Peoples of modern society ne’er think about runing for nutrient orapparels.

Now, it is all brought to people immediately through a new criterion ofendurance. The new criterion for endurance agencies doing money to travel to a promenade orsupermarket and acquiring everything a household needs. A household can acquire nutrient andvesture at these topographic points without of all time holding to travel into a wood or a lake.This idea is of all time so awful. When a individual from modern society goesinto a supermarket and buys a lb of fish, he or she doesn & # 8217 ; t even believe of theprocedure that went into the reaching of that piece of fish. He or she didn & # 8217 ; Ts needto travel to a lake, all that was needed was to drive to your local supermarket andpurchase it. No fishing or hunting was necessary.

Worlds are losing their sense ofcommon purairs. ? But what ‘revenge effect’ will this hold? The technology-opposition motion begins by indicating out that we are cobbling together practicalcommunities while our existent metropoliss crumble, at least partially because our sense ofcommon intent has frayed. Today, merely about 5 per centum of American familiesare online, but what happens, the critics wonder, when half the state iswired? Will we get away the unpleasant complications of the universe outside ourlocked doors by choosing for communities in & # 8216 ; internet, & # 8217 ; where we can bask thecompany of people who portion our involvements and our positions? Where the streets ne’erdemand to be cleaned and you don & # 8217 ; Ts have to maintain an oculus on your neighbour & # 8217 ; s house?What happens if the Sirens outside go excessively deflecting? Will we merely purchaseinsulated curtains? ( Reed 46 ) . ? Humans are acquiring lazy. Almost everything mustbe done for them in progress.

However, sometimes this alteration in life style isforced upon worlds. When a company decides to purchase automatons to make the occupation that adult maleone time did, so the homo is forced into either acquiring fired or watching themachine all twenty-four hours long. Hopefully worlds will non acquire used to watching a automaton bashall the work for them. Technology has decidedly changed the life style andcommon intent of many worlds.

Finally, tecnology we take for granted such as the car can hold anegative? Domino concatenation consequence? on society. The car must hold been one ofthe greatest innovations in the last 100 old ages. It has helped the United Statesto turn in ways ne’er conceivable earlier. It allowed people to travel out ofextremely engorged metropoliss and travel into more peaceable vicinities. Yet it besidesLashkar-e-Taiba people experience as if they were still a short thrust off from the metropolis.

However,the negative effects of the car were non thought of in those yearss. Nowit is clear of what negative effects the car has on society.In recent old ages, though, we have begun to recognize merely how much these ways ofdoing life easier are bing us & # 8211 ; or future coevalss. Think about everythingthat & # 8217 ; s involved in the act of driving a auto.

First, the metal in the organic structure of theauto has to be mined. The plastic on the splashboard and other topographic points likely camefrom crude oil. ( Plastics can besides be made from coal or natural gas. ) Petroleumbesides becomes the gasolene that powers the auto. Extracting the crude oil involvesWellss and refineries all over the universe.

Oil tankers carry the oil across the seas.Sometimes, as in the instance of the 1989 Exxon Valdez incident in Alaska & # 8217 ; s PrinceWilliam Sound, they spill it. Spills can kill birds, fish, and marine mammals bythe 1000. But major oiler spills history for merely 12 per centum or so of theoil that enters the sea in a typical twelvemonth.

The remainder & # 8211 ; less dramatic but moredestructive & # 8211 ; comes from everyday operations such as burden and unloading ofoilers. Cleaning up after spills and urban pollution is a dashing undertaking, but itcan be done. ( Herring 19 )Cars are a good illustration of how engineering can backlash on this universe.Car fumess are fouling the ambiance so much that the following largetechnological promotion should be to happen a manner to mend the environment.However, mending the environment sounds like a great program except the demand forthe usage of cars, planes and trains maintain lifting. As the demand rises,there will be a demand to happen adequate oil and crude oil to run these manners oftransit. Soon, there will non be plenty of these resources left andthere will be terrible counter-effects on society if all of these manners oftransit are taken off.

Worlds take for granted these manners oftransit. Worlds frequently live stat mis off from their topographic point of concern. Notransit agencies there is no manner to acquire to work unless you switch to a occupationwithin walking scope of your house.

No transit means no money andfinally no nutrient. The trust on engineerings we take for granted is besides anegative consequence of tecnology.In decision, society has late seen the negative effects ofsociety. Competition between metropoliss and companies has taken away occupations andbrought unwanted and dearly-won undertakings into enjoyable countries. A alteration inlife style among about every human being is yet another negative consequence ofengineering.

What has happened to people since supermarkets came to town?Peoples do non desire to run for nutrient any longer. They find it much easier to walkinto a shop and purchase it. A 3rd ground why engineering has a negativeconsequence on society is the coming of extremely reliant ownerships such as thecar.

Many people count on going to work everyday by auto. If the autowas someway taken away from people so there would be pandemonium. It is much excessivelylate to take it off. Worlds are much excessively reliant on it. There is non adequatemass theodolite to transport all of the present auto users.

Hopefully, hereafterengineerings will be to the full considered. We must look at the advantages andeffects and step if society will profit or endure from the engineering.Past engineerings weren & # 8217 ; t to the full considered and if they were, there is a opportunitythat the car ne’er would hold went into production.


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