Technology of the current era Essay

A boy addicted to technology of his era, separates himself from everything social including family and sometimes his own friends. To some people this may sound surprising, but to others, this is now becoming a reality with new technology.

In the book Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury, Montag exclaims, “Well, wasn’t there a wall between him and Mildred, when you came down to it? Literally not just one wall but, so far, three! ” (44). Montag realizes that technology has broken apart his relationship with Mildred.The walls he is talking about are referring to the T. V. walls in their home, but they are also referring to metaphorical walls that separate them socially between each other.

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If only people could learn to not abuse technology, we would have a much more social community with less problems. Technology of the current era can cause many different problems on people’s social well-being, which is a huge part of everyone’s life. A study shows that American people ranging from age eight to eighteen, spend about seven and a half hours a day on some sort of electronic.That is an absurd amount of time and leaves little time for in person social interaction between kids. This problem isn’t just in America. As a study in the United Kingdom shows, that their kids spend about eight hours a day with electronics.

People really need to start realizing the dangers of these statistics. With all of this time consumed by electronics, it leaves very little time for people to interact with each other in a positive social manner, and kids can also develop problems from spending so much time with technology.People post things about their lives that everyone can see on social networking sites such as Facebook.

This can lead to a lot of different problems including cyber bullying. Instead of posting all of this online, people should become close friends in-real life with people, so they can trust them with this information and develop social relations. This instantly removes the problem of cyber bullying because people will only make fun of someone online if they post personal facts that only the poster and his/her close friends should know.

Most people cannot keep up a real-life social life if they spend so much time with electronics. The electronics and internet can actually connect people in various ways and also help solve problems. When not abused, Facebook can be used to used keep in-touch with close friends, loved ones, and people who live far away from the user. Facebook also can be used to solve lots of problems that can range from being minor to major.A lost pet can be a minor or major problem to different people, but people can simply solve this problem by posting a picture of their lost pet to Facebook. If anyone sees this post and happens to spot out your lost pet, they can quickly message the person details about the missing animal. Electronics can also connect people because of how easy technology makes it to do so.

Facebook has a simple “add friend” button which can be pressed to obtain friendship with a person online.When granted friendship, it is very easy to message and get to know someone online. People still have to keep in touch while in-person, and think of Facebook or other technology as a bonus to talk to someone for fun or in case of emergency. Technology can connect people and annihilate problems if used in the proper manner. Maybe if people like Mildred from Fahrenheit 451 could learn to stop abusing and being addicted to using and wanting technology, they could get out into the real world and solve problems and keep a healthy relationship with another person.

It is up to the people of the world to decide if they want to have a healthy relationship in person, have an online based interaction with people, or to have their own balance of both online and in person interactions that fits their social need.Sources”Strategy Informer A . ” News: UK Kids Game 8 Hours a Week, Average A?581 worth of Electronics Owned. N. p.

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