Technology Innovations in Afghanistan – Summary Essay

Afghanistan is one of the developing countries situated in Asia, the people of this country have faced wars and revolutions many times due to which they were not able to progress rapidly but after year 2000 onwards, UN has helped a lot the people of Afghanistan in every sphere specially in the cases of progress and prosperity which also includes the introduction of different kinds of technology innovations.We have many examples just like 3G technology provided by different companies like Roshan and for the progress of agricultural field Afghanistan Agricultural extension projects (AAEP)and Agricultural development funds(ADF) are playing vital role beside these the applications of Kabul Innovation Lab are solving political problems by using mobile and internet technology.

In 2002, fewer than 200,000 people in Afghanistan had access to telephones.Today some 15 million Afghans use mobile phones and a full 85% of the population lives within the combined network coverage of the four major telecommunications. The technological leap connects Afghans to each other and to the economy in ways that were unimaginable in just in few years ago. And the mobile phones open up a world of possibilities for finding solutions to some of challenges that Afghanistan face every day.

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One important use that is quickly becoming reality is the creation of nationwide mobile financial services sector.Using mobile phones to transfer money safely and instantly reducing the need for cash and giving millions of Afghan who may never see the inside of the banks the ability to use handsets to conduct basic financial transactions. The possible applications for mobile money in Afghanistan are limited only by our imaginations. It is clear that 3G technology is playing a vital role in the development of Afghanistan; the Roshan Company has introduced the M-paisa mobile money service to Afghanistan which is a successful telecom development company in Afghanistan.

It has net works in all the districts and cities of this country which has provided people a good and easy networking system, in addition further planning are made for introducing new innovations and applications in this field. Furthermore, Afghanistan’s amazing DIV internet in the city of Jalalabad has high speed internet whose main components are build of trash found locally. Aid workers mostly from the United States, are using the provincial city in Afghanistan for east as pilot side of project called FabFi.The technology used to create FabFi networks seems like it leaped out episode of MacGyver, as the reflectors can be built out of plastic, metal, clay other locally available products that the metallic mesh can be attached to FabFi.

In the agricultural sector many projects are introduced every year and the government and private sector also run different business projects for development of this sector. One of the projects that play an important role these days is the Afghanistan agricultural extension project (AAEP).It is a ministry of agriculture that is working for delivering primitive measures especially to the producers and the clients. This project includes the extension of the number of skilled staffs, extension in training and government services. Beside this building agricultural universities and vocational high schools are the aims which to promote better education and skills for farmers. The ADF (agricultural development fund) program launched by the minister of agriculture aimed proving Afghan farmers with access to credit.

The ADF was initially established US$100 million grant provided by the U. S. agency for international development, and is expected to grow further with contributions from other donors, as well as government of Afghanistan itself beside which Afghanistan mobile based network Roshan has expended mobile banking service M-paisa so that the members of Eastern Region Fruit Association can repay loans to Agricultural development fund (ADF).

Over the course of three years, Afghan developers and entrepreneurs utilized mobile and internet technology to create political solutions to issues facing their country at the first ease Kabul innovations lab. One of the outcomes is the applications developed to facilitate and lend transparency to the registration process of pilgrimage. For tens of thousands who attempt to register for Hajj each year. There are just six regional in person registration centers and limited spots, which makes the process time consuming, expensive and susceptible to corruption.

The governance team at Kabul innovation Lab developed a program to dramatically simplify in the process and crate greater transparency using mobiles and interactive voice response technology. Afghanistan is moving on the road to development as with 3G looming just over the horizon the Afghan government issued the first tender earlier this year, it is clear that Afghans will increasingly use mobile phones and other technologies in almost every sphere of life to build healthier, better educated and prosperous society as it is expected to have it near future.


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