Technology @ Information Essay

IntroductionClub IT is a new generation club for all activities and considering the facts that they need a holistic system to integrate all their business components would enrich their customer experience.

Capitalizing on effort and time would be just appropriate to cut costs and enable better customer experience. The information system would fetch better understanding the customer’s mind and shaping it accordingly to have competitive advantage.Club IT’s concept of fetching the right move towards the use of technology would ensure better handling the day to day operations and obtain competitive advantage in various activities. The three major problems are as follows:1.      The online purchase of tickets is not availableE-commerce has not yet enabled the online purchase and payment for tickets. This feature would enhance the customer’s ability to further get actively involved and would provide immense opportunity for Club IT to fetch large amount of customers.

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Their present IT infrastructure is yet to be renovated with the online facility for bookings. The resources would enable a better form of management of the booking facilities to fetch customer and enable better management.2.      Knowing the Customer has not been tapped yetThe knowledge of the customers’ demands, their feedbacks and responses to the proposed changes and innovations of the company. A CRM system would ensure understanding the customer well and capitalizing on that. The customer acquirement, retention and enhancing would further boost up their market and competitive advantage. The primary advantage Club IT would derive is the confidence of the customers as the information system is to be built to foster their growth and development.

 The CRM system would gather customer data and analyze their behavior for various products and services offered. The basic difference would be to analyze the products goodwill and value to the customer. Once that happens, Club IT would recognize the importance for products and would either further innovate or drop that product or service.3.      Data transfer among departments is quite effectiveThe data transfer among several business entities would collaborate effectively the various demands of Club IT and would enable better transition of business processes and fill their demands effectively. An ERP system would bind their suppliers, guests and various departments of Club IT. It would not only foster a better communication but would gradually reduce business operation cycle time thus curtailing costs on long term basis.Involvement of ERP, CRM and SCM:Club IT handle business with direct interface with the customers, which make them directly favorable to tap consumer behavior, their pattern of likes and dislikes and composition of their behavior to price, quality of food and hospitality.

With this in mind the strategy for fetching the right direction for the restaurant is inevitable.In case of Club IT, fetching the immediate responses, also termed as first response (user’s feelings) after the very input from the restaurants, is the gross truth which is not influenced by any external characteristics. This first impression is collected by the restaurants and feed into the database so that data collection process is a success. For any ERP, SCM and CRM system, data is of prime requirement and its success remains by far the strategic process in which data collection and record is done well. For other industries, BI is not successful for the reason that data is often based on assumptions and enough strategy does not fall into place.

Club IT’s departmental use of softwareCooper (2003) mentions that supply chain is important to visualize the processes which are involved from the idea generation stage to the deliverable component. Proper identification, understanding and analyzing the processes would make sure that better strategies can be devised for innovation. It would help an organization to optimize costs and produce quality products and services (Ballou, 2002).

It is also important for an organization to seamlessly integrate the business process for strategic decision making towards resource utilization and process innovation. Club IT would use the SCM and CRM software together to address the needs of the customers and the external entities to effectively manage the data transfer among the departments like Musical, Dining, Bar, Booth and office. The CRM software would ensure better handling the customers’ requests.Innovation is the identification and improvement of a product or a service for better processing, distribution and optimization of effort, time and money for any organization (, 2008). For Club IT, it would be no different, but constant evaluation would ensure customer retention and taking care of customer demands. The CRM application for Club IT would enhance the following aspects:1.

      They are better chanced to serve customers and make sure to fetch better market segment.2.      The innovation to take effective strategies against the resources that fetch them business continuity and cut down their costs.3.      Innovation with information technology would help Club IT to grow with the dynamic information driven world and embrace changes for managing its business better and fill its objective at a large scale.

(Claudio, 2006)Club IT would be able to seamlessly interconnect its departments for enabling the reduction of cost and effort of the resources. It would not only foster better relationship among departments but would enhance communication and ability to manage conflict and change in the organization.ConclusionUsing the CRM system, Club IT would be able to analyze whether they need to expand their base, expand or reduce their dance floor, increase dining space or the bar. It can also analyze whether the music needs changing or not, add flavors’ towards various beats and mix of various musical elements.One prime advantage would be to understand their food menu, change or drop some items which were less or not preferred, increase nutrition ingredients as per customer demand, make adjustments to table preparation and increase in the menu items. It may also analyze drink facilities.

The most preferred drinks and prospective ones are researched and analyzed for their sales.References/BibliographyBallou, R. H (2002). Business Logistics Management, Prentice Hall, Englewood Cliffs, NJ, Third Edition.Claudio, U. Ciborra (2006). Teams, Markets and Systems.

Cambridge University Press, 2, 78-82.Cooper, M. C., and L. M.

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