Technology In The Millenium Essay Research Paper

Technology In The Millenium Essay, Research Paper

I do non see the new millenium as the beginning of a whole new universe. I feel that the twelvemonth 2000 has been used as a cant for everything that is right about altering engineering and as a whipping boy for worsening morality. In world it is merely another twenty-four hours. A twenty-four hours that will be what we make of it. I feel that the universe is going a better topographic point but it has nil to make with this & # 8220 ; magic figure & # 8221 ; .

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It is a well-known maxim, that cognition is power. New engineerings such as the Internet, cell phones, and satellite Television have succeeded in doing the universe smaller. Information that happens anyplace on the Earth can be outright known by all. This information can do you money in the stock market or be the lifeblood of the newspaper concern.

The of import facet is to be comfy in our changing universe and to acknowledge what way it is traveling. To achieve these ends one must be educated. In the past computing machine literacy was a fillip to employers, now it is a demand. Factory work and other blue-collar professions are falling by the roadside and in its topographic point are a new batch of technological place that are available. Sacred Heart seems to on the cutting border of this new engineering, even traveling so far as to necessitate pupils to buy a notebook computing machine. Thi

s is the type of thing that will give Sacred Heart pupils the advantage in the occupation market of the new millenium.

Assuming that instruction is no longer a stumbling block and the mean individual is knowing of the new engineerings, I believe we can look frontward to many new promotions to come. Already our mundane lives are altering with innovations like EZ-pass. This theory could be taken to the following degree over the class of this new millenium. By the twelvemonth 2100 all minutess should hold an EZ-Pass lane for quicker and easier minutess. Another easy manner to transact concern has emerged and it is internet shopping. This will merely go on to turn during the new millenium. Companies like Amazon and Cadmium Now are the innovators and are already going family names similar to Kmart and Macys.

Aside from technological promotions we will hopefully see alterations in our environment. As all signifiers and catalogs become available over the cyberspace there will be less of a demand to destruct trees to make paper. As on-line shopping becomes mainstream there will be less grounds to drive around town blowing gas and fouling the air.

In shutting, although I do experience the universe will be different, I do non see drastic alterations in front. I merely see the continuance of a slow evolvement into a faster and more efficient society.


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