Technology In Film Production Essay Research Paper

Technology In Film Production Essay, Research PaperTechnology in FilmOver the old ages movie has meant many different things to many different types of people.

Cultures have been everlastingly changed due to certain movies being made. One of the things that has maintained movies to remain appealing to audiences are the go oning progresss in engineering that keep movies interesting, every bit good as challenge film makers to invariably develop new thoughts. I will demo how engineering and the usage therein contributes to movie and the originative facet that goes into bring forthing a merchandise that entreaties to the mass populace, every bit good as the ruins that engineering brings with it.

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Besides how promotions in movie stocks and treating techniques have brought us to the usage of computing machine engineering in movies.There are a two important facets of movie that engineering effects, these being, production, and post-production. The easiest manner that I can analyse the consequence that engineering has had on movie, is to utilize an illustration of a peculiar movie, to make this I will utilize The Matrix. This movie is a great illustration of what can be accomplished with the progresss in engineering.

The first and most obvious consequence that engineering has had on movie has been the progresss of cameras and movie stocks. When movie was foremost introduced in the early twentieth century the cameras were really big and awkward in form. This ground made transporting these cameras highly hard every bit good as doing it about impossible to pull strings the camera so that originative shootings could be produced. For this, movies early in the century are normally comprised of still shootings with the action blossoming in forepart of the camera alternatively of following the action with the camera. Movies that were made early in the twentieth century were based entirely on the action, actions of the histrions to state the narrative and the camera was used much less as a means to state a narrative as it was to demo the narrative that the histrions were portraying. Today in movie the camera is a big portion of how the narrative is told.

It is non merely used to assist the narrative along but is now manipulated to make wholly different kingdoms with in a certain movie. A good illustration of this is how cameras were manipulated in The Matrix.With progresss in movie stocks every bit good as ways that movie can be processed, it has wholly changed what can be shot on movie. At first, movie stocks were non really sensitive, in that you needed a big sum of visible radiation to expose a image on the celluloid of the movie. For this most of the early movies were still shot in studios or were shot outside, but merely when there was a batch of visible radiation on the topic.

If there was non a batch of visible radiation at that place would non be an image burned onto the movie. With the slow development of movie stocks, film makers were able to hit in low lit state of affairss and were eventually get downing to be able to state their narratives in the manner that they wanted to, with out being held back by non holding adequate visible radiation for a peculiar scene. The progresss of treating techniques has given film makers a opportunity to research their imaginativeness and the luxury of non holding to worry about things that earlier film makers have had to cover with. Film makers are now able to pull strings movie stocks and the manner that they are processed so that they can make varied ocular effects that have ne’er been seen by audiences. With this they are able to arouse varied responses to their audiences and are able to pull strings movie in peculiar ways to hold certain effects on the spectator.With the progresss in engineering have come progresss in the manner that movies are produced and besides the manner in which audiences appreciate them. The deduction of the computing machine into the post-production of movies added so many more possibilities towards how a narrative was told. Computers have made it possible to make action sequences, locations, and full kingdom that would be manner to expensive if non impossible to make with normal agencies.

For this narratives have besides developed, and particularly science fiction narratives. In most scientific discipline fiction stories they take topographic point in alien and mystical far off planets. With the usage of computing machines and package of today it is now possible to make futuristic lands every bit good as whole characters.Technology has influences the production facet in several ways. First off in how narratives are conceived.

Now that computing machines can make about anything that a manager would desire to see in the concluding merchandise it has given managers the freedom to experiment with their thoughts every bit good as manipulate scenes in peculiar ways to arouse a certain experiencing out of their audiences. With a batch of things being done in post-production on computing machines, green screen techniques have been implicated. Green screen technique is when there is a green screen that is placed behind the action and the histrions or prop is manipulated to be a portion of the background even though there is no background when the shooting is being filmed, alternatively there is a green screen and so in post-production the green screen is keyed out and the background is put in. This procedure has changed the manner histrions must move. As a whole it is more disputing for the histrions because they non merely have to make a great public presentation but besides have to make it while they are conceive ofing what will be added subsequently. This makes it so much more of import for the manager to cognize exactly what will be added subsequently so that he is able to teach the histrions as to what the concluding merchandise will look like. Even though this is harder for the histrions, if it is done right it surely adds so much to the concluding merchandise.

One thing about engineering within movie is that a batch of the times it draws from past experimentation and even utilizations techniques that were used by the first film makers. A great illustration of this is with The Matrix. Throughout this movie there was a technique that was exploited where an histrion would be leaping in the air or executing a peculiar act and everything would stop dead and the camera would travel around the action on a 360-degree axis. This was made possible by a technique that was ironically the first device of filmmaking, multiple-cameras. What is dry about this technique is that with all of the technological progresss in movie throughout the old ages, film makers still resort to the oldest most rules of the laminitiss of movie. In 1877 Eadweard Muybridge ( a vagabond lensman ) was hired by Leland Stanford to turn out that at some point during a race horse? s pace, all four hooves leave the land. ? Edward james muggeridge set up 24 cameras in a row along the racing path.

He attached a twine to each camera shutter and stretched the twine across the path. He chalked numbers and lines on a board behind the path to mensurate the Equus caballus? s advancement. Stanford? s Equus caballus so galloped down the path, stumbling the wires? ? ( Mast/Kawin, 11 ) finally turn outing that in fact at one point the Equus caballus? s hooves all left the land.

By the usage of multiple cameras Muybridge was able to demo consecutive action of a peculiar object, the Wachowski brothers who directed? The Matrix? , besides were able tot make a futuristic kingdom by uniting camera techniques that are over a hundred old ages old along with advanced green screen methods of today.In order to make these shootings the film makers built a 360 grade green screen with cameras placed strategically around the walls, with specially timed cameras, and luxuriant block systems, they were ablvitamin E to make the consequence of the camera circling the histrions while the gesture remained still. This gave the consequence that clip was able to stand still while the histrions were able to withstand the Torahs of gravitation. This is a good illustration of how engineering was used to heighten techniques that have been around for many old ages, in order to make a certain temper. By pull stringsing what the audience knows as the world the managers were able to make something that had ne’er been seen earlier, because of this it was much easier for the audience to believe in the implausible world of? The Matrix? .The singular thing about? The Matrix? was that the audience was seeing something that was visually arresting and at the same clip it gave the feeling that some of these particular effects were wholly new to filmmaking. When in fact the originative heads behind this movie were utilizing the simplest and oldest techniques of filmmaking, which is demoing frames from different cameras to follow action.

They merely expanded on this premiss and added it with today? s engineering to make something that was breathtaking. ? The rock-ribbed scientific discipline fiction fan will detect a secret plan that mixes and lucifers both new and old conventions of the genre in a compelling fashion. ? ( Berardinelli ) .

The promotions of engineering and the usage of computing machine artworks bring one big ruin, the cost. None of these new techniques comes with out a significant measure. With the rise of pyrotechnics, and the usage of computing machine artworks raises the cost of movies well. Not merely do the production companies have to pay more people to make these amazing effects but besides they are paying for the research that goes into developing the package every bit good as the cost of the equipment that enables them to make these effects. For this the mean cost of characteristic productions has risen well over the old ages. Some people say that this is no large trade, but with this comes bigger obstructions, because with the lifting budgets it becomes more hard to hold a studio back a undertaking, they are easy persuaded to bring forth a movie that has minimum effects that will merely be twenty million dollars than one that falls into the 100s of 1000000s of dollars to bring forth.

Technology has influenced the manner in which audiences appreciate movie in many different ways. Now that films like? The Matrix? have hit the theatres, audiences are get downing to anticipate more from movies. Some of the mean film departers would see great classics like Citizen Kane drilling, chiefly due to the fact that there are no computing machine generated images or big detonations. This is due to the fact that movies are progressively going dependent on computer-generated images. On one manus engineering has helped the movie industry a great trade to make images that were ne’er before possible, but on the negative side of this is that audiences are to easy influenced by what is visually stupefying to them and non what is the most of import facet of a movie which is the narrative. For this it has put a batch more force per unit area on film makers to make movies that non merely have dazing particular consequence but besides integrate them into the narrative in such a manner that it adds to the narrative and is non the full footing for the movie.Computer generated images are get downing to demo up in more and more movies that are being produced. The ground for this varies from movie to movie.

Sometimes the grounds are obvious, because there is no other manner to make the kingdom that the manager wanted, other grounds that are now developing is the creative activity of supernumeraries. This although a painstaking procedure in post-production, is far cheaper to make than to engage 1000s of supernumeraries for a peculiar scene where they merely need to do it look as though there are that many people.Since computing machines have been implicated into the procedure of filmmaking there have been infinite Numberss of movies that have succeeded in adding particular effects but at the same clip non taking away the concentration on the narrative. This devise is a powerful tool in making different narratives that can be told and it has been accepted as such.

There is no stating where it will travel from here, but some predict that computing machines will take over the demand for histrions and location cinematography. This is such a implausible thought and will ne’er go on, it may alter the manner in which filmmaking is done but it will non take away the human facet of filmmaking.Other effects that engineering has had on audiences are the quality of the sound every bit good as the image. Over the past 10 old ages film makers have realized that audiences want to be blown off, literally. Sound has become an improbably of import facet of movie production, more so than in the yesteryear.

In the past sound was considered to be something of an added fillip. For many old ages during the production of movie, sound was looked down upon as something that needed to be done, merely few managers really thought about what should be recorded to excite certain emotions. For most managers sound was the last thing on their heads and because of this the concluding merchandise had a inexpensive feel to it chiefly because the sound was so deflecting to the audience that it took off from the whole experience. Recently, due to the engineering that has gone into sound recording, there has been a big concentration on the sound that is recorded and played in the movie. This gives the manager more options as to how his audience will experience at a peculiar clip. Theaters have been equipped with luxuriant sound systems such as, Dolby Digital Theater Sound, and have rigorous criterions of sound quality such as THX ; these new devices help to animate the sound that the manager wants the audience to hear.

With this new concentration in sound diversion every bit good as entering techniques it gives the audience the chance to experience as if they are a portion of the movie alternatively of merely a spectator. Film makers have eventually realized that a movie with great sound lets the spectator flight into the films universe more easy and gives them a heightened experience.With all these progresss in movie engineering, there have been infinite Numberss of movies that have changed the manner that audiences position movies. This engineering has given film makers a opportunity to venture out into universes that were ne’er thought attainable, every bit good as given film makers freedom over their ideas. It has shown us that no affair how much engineering springs up, that no affair what, it can merely be used as a tool to better a movie and that the narrative is still and will ever be the most of import facet of a movie. These tools help to make a seamless universe that the audience is able to get away into, and because of technological progresss there will be many more interesting narratives, every bit good as many more techniques that will be created for film makers to pull strings and hold at their disposal.1. Berardinelli, James.

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