Technology in education Essay

Technology in educationIntroductionTechnology has become one of the most crucial things in the changing world. It has been controversial as to whether use of technology in the classroom has any effect to the children. It has been criticized that the use of technology in the class has posed some risks and harms to the children. The use of technology ha s raised some questions as it is said that this might affect the ability of the children to relate with other people, on the other hand, it will make the children depend merely on technology to learn.The use of technology in education can be used to perpetuate the former and old models of learning and teaching. The use of things like computers to perform some tasks like multimedia to give a more colorful and stimulating lectures that may not be different from former teaching and learning methods as this will also enhance more understanding to the students.Computers can be used as they are used to stimulate and in developing the skills of writing, collaborating with other students in other parts of the world. They are also essential for conducting valuable researches by different classes of people and also doing some kind of complex work and solving problems that would be impossible or would have taken time before their completion.

LiteratureWhat is changing?Educators and learners around the world at every level are experiencing change in the technology in the education sector. They are all trying to adapt the education systems of the twenty-first century. When compared to the twentieth century, the twenty-first century education system is far much advanced that needs advanced minds to cope with the current standards of technology.

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With the evolvement in the education sector, internet and other forms of technology have brought a great advancement to the current generation. Former educators though then advancement in the technology in the education sector was to affect the understanding of learners, in the real sense, the current generation have access to more information and in the easiest way than any other generation that ever existed.It has been found that technology is not changing education but is only changing the methods of learning and how people think. This is evident because not every one attends classes to access education; some are able to learn online from different countries. Technology has made things easier and education more interesting with deeper understanding.As we are evolving, that’s the same way the education system is changing and the same way people think. With the learners accessing the information in a much different way, they will demand a different mode of learning.

The current generation learners are growing through the lens of the technology, this is through the advanced mode of communicating tools and the internet and this is posing a challenge on the former method of education. This is because most educators and learners will divert from the traditional method of education as they will see it as not serving them effectively. (Bransford, 1986)How much, how fast and in what directionThe education system is fast changing with different approaches brought by the technology. Currently the home schooling have already emerged, formally this was only based on religious matters. This has been brought about by the changing in the technology as many learners would avoid going to school to have their studies in the comfort of their homes.

Technology is the main reason for this; it provides learners with unlimited information on what they deserve. The home schooling has become normal for most people are doing it out necessity rather than preference. This has brought about the change in the way of thinking to the learners that they could not have thought about if they were using the traditional way. (NSTA websnews digest,2008)As the technology is fast changing, we will soon see that everything will be digitalized, none of the tradition method of teaching and learning will be in existence.

In classes, students will be using laptops, blackberry, wii savvy and the internet; this will form a new direction to the method of education for the educators will be forced to change with the technology. This will come so easily for the kids are already adapting the current used technology more than their former counterparts. (Cradler, 1996).What are the social engines driving this changeThe educators are deep in research on what is driving these changes so as they can help them understand technologies in education that are currently used in the classrooms. They are still eager to know what is impacting the increased use of technology in the teaching methods and learning. Different factors are viewed to have the driving force to the changes that are occurring in the education technology. Considering the changes that have occurred are expected to occur in the global education environments in which most governments are pursuing their agenda.

There are two main factors that are driving change in to two main streams. These are the critical emerging issues or the existing issues that are currently taking new dimensions. The other driving factor is the changes that are occurring in the science and technology enterprise itself. The global society is facing a great challenge depending on what the respective government is going to approach the matter.In regard to the technological factors that are driving the change in the education sector, the government is expected to exercise the leadership powers in regard to this issue so as to safeguard the social, economy and human security to ensure the public trust in the education sector through the face of change. (Butzin, 1991)Science and technology is highly critical to public understanding on the issues on the ability to develop the appropriate responses.

In order to have the public support on the issue, the government has to develop policies and regulations that will enable to have controlled technological issues that will not affect the general public.            The most notable change is the recurring of development of the existing technology. Example of these is the changing from the analogue technology to the digital technology.

This is a powerful force that have encouraged the change of education system as many would wish to change and have the digital learning like in the internet as most educators would also teach through the internet. Though this has some effects on the other hand, there is a recurring urge for the technology.Data that demonstrate that this change is likely to continue and is occurringThere are quite a number of evidences that this is occurring and will still continue to occur in the future. With the current evolvement in the technology and most learners getting used to it, there seems to be no notable evidence that there will come a time when the traditional way of learning and teaching will come to have a full power in the education system.As most people are having home schooling and online classes, it’s evidence that there will be no reverse of the technology. Internet has replaced congestion in classes and has given many a chance to fulfill their urge for education as they would have done if they were in regular schooling.

As many people currently continually own computers, its evidence that the technology is not going backward but moving forward. Everyone is rushing to move with the technology, the existing data shows that at least three quarters of the Americans owns personal computers and two thirds of them are connected to the internet. (Bransford, 1996)Why I believe this topic will experience more social change than other                                  topics in the next ten yearsThis topic will definitely experience more social change than any other topic.

As most of the people are trying to move with the technology, they will find a way to access more information than they were accessing before the technology takes it current shape. The government is in support of use of technology and is providing the basic principles on the use of technology to enable the community socialize and access in the information that would be hard to access through other means.The current education method through the use of technology has provided deeper understanding for the students and educators for they can access any needed information in the internet. This has enhanced social interaction by different cultures for one would access the information through the internet.

Through the use of technology, the learner is able to access the education from different country or geographical location without the need of traveling. This has encouraged the use of internet by learners and the educators. (Casey, 1997)Conflict best explains this change and whyConflict is the best social change that best explains the theory of this change and why it’s continually occurring.

With some people being for and others against the use of technology, the conflict arises because there is no scientific proof as to whether the use of this technology will improve the learners thinking  or its going to reduce the thinking capability of the learners.Conflict being the disagreement or variation of interest between the two groups, the use of technology has been seen as the reason of most of the problems associated with the low performance in the education system, as most of the students who use modern equipments in learning, will have more achievements hen introduced to the new technology.Conflict is the best way to look for the best solution for this problem for the conflicting parties will put more efforts in looking for solution and in return they will be able to bring the best solution and the reason for the change.

This is because the conflicting parties will work on proofing their researches and the effectiveness of the information they provide.ConclusionThe use technology in the education has promoted the advancement of learning methods. The information technology is the major role player in the technological advancement in the education system. Internet is most effective for the distance learning and in making researches easy for there are adequate information and materials available in the internet.

The government involvement in the regulatory of the technological issues in the education system will enhance the social harmony in the society. The government should work on setting policies that will protect the interest and welfare of the general public.Reference:Bransford, J. (1996) Looking at technology in context: A framework for understanding technology and education research. New York: Macmillan.

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