Technology in Brave New World Essay

Technology in Brave New World“Community. Identity. Stability.” The society in Brave New World is fast paced, sex driven, and progressive; through the technology in use, the people are conditioned to be happy with their lives. The technological advancements have allowed each person to be a part of the overall community while losing their unique identity which results in stability. The society participates in sexual activity on a regular basis with anyone within their class that they desire as they are called a ‘community’.

They have a belief that everyone belongs to everyone. Within this sex driven society, they attend ‘feelies’. Feelies are interactive movies with a sexual focus.

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“The Savage started. That sensation on his lips! He lifted a hand to his mouth; the titillation ceased; let his fall back on the metal knob; it began again.” (154) Technology in this society have allowed for an extreme interactive experience with what is happening in the movies.

Another facet to these movies is the scent organs that play to help stimulate other senses for a complete experience (154). The society has left their old customs of reproduction as humans are produced at the Central London Hatchery and Conditioning Centre. Henry Ford played an important role in helping to form the mass production process which allows them to create humans in this assembly line.

“Bokanovsky’s Process is one of the major instruments of social stability!” (18) Preceding this process is the fertilization process, and upon its completion they move to Bokanovsky’s. Gammas, Deltas, and Epsilons were the ones to undergo this procedure which could split the eggs into ninety six embryos which was the limit. This resulted in a larger working class; a whole factory could be staffed with one egg (18). With the same genetic makeup and pre-conditioning they will go through, they will lack any sort of uniqueness. The word identity in the motto actually means a lack of individual ‘identity’.One of the great technological advances for this society is found in the addictive drug, soma.

Soma is a drug that was produced to help distract, calm, and sedate. Lenina used this soma to help her get over her embarrassment of loving John (172). When she became depressed, Lenina used it to sedate herself into this short hibernation state (soma holiday) (157).

A common trend, for its use, is to take it before a sexual encounter or solidarity service (82). When John tried to convince a group that soma was poison (191), he was on the verge of being attacked because they had grown so dependent upon it. Because of its supposed benefits, the soma helps erase emotions and feelings from the society which pushes people towards happiness. The government is striving for happiness among the people as this produces ‘stability’. The society in Brave New World is technologically advanced in this future setting. Sexual activity is a regular act among this community of people with other forms of participation that comes through ‘feelies and solidarity services’. Because of reproduction processes, no one is part of a family but they have similar features due to the mass amounts of twins.

This results in a non-existent identity as there is zero uniqueness. Through technology including soma, they have achieved a great form of stability among the society which is their ultimate goal. This goal is found in the World’s State motto: “Community, Identity, Stability.” (15)


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