Technology & Development in Niger Essay

Technology & Development in Niger            Republic of Niger is a country in north- central Africa. It is a land – locked nation bordered by Algeria, Libya, Chad, Nigeria, Benin, Burkina Faso, and Mali. Niger’s area is about 489, 200 square miles—more than three times than that of California.            Niger’s economy is based almost entirely on the raising of crops and livestock and on mining. Although only about 3% of the land is farmed, agriculture supports roughly 85% of the people. Nearly all the farmland is in the south, where subsistence agriculture prevails. The chief crops are millet, sorghum, cassava, beans, and onions, for home and local consumption, and peanuts, the chief cash crop and agricultural export. Nomadic herding is the economic mainstay in central and northern Niger.

Goats, sheep and cattle are the most numerous animals; camels and donkeys are also raised. Many cattle and hides are exported to Nigeria.            Niger has large deposits of uranium. And uranium mining and exporting are important to the economy. In most years uranium exports provide bulk of the nation’s foreign exchange. Arlit, near the Air massif, is the chief center of uranium mining.            Manufacturing is small- scale and centers in or near Niamey, the capital and largest city.

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Among the principal activities are the processing of oil, flour, and sugar and the making of cotton textiles, soap, beer, and cement. Most manufactured goods are imported. France and Nigeria are Niger’s chief trading partners.            Roads connect the cities and larger towns of the Sahel; several roads extend northward into the Sahara, to Agadez and uranium mines. Most roads are rough and unpaved, made primarily of dirt and gravel.

There are no railways. Internal transportation depends largely on air service provided by Air Niger, the national airline.            Basically, Niger is a poor country. They rely only to other countries for help especially in their development, like France. It is a fact that it is considered one of the poorest of the poor countries all over the world and it is also the most deprived one in terms of development and technology. The country is only focused on crops and uranium exports which help their economy stay alive. They only have used radios and newspapers to inform the people of the latest happenings for the majority couldn’t afford to provide or to buy television sets.

Another thing is that most of them are illiterate, and illiteracy is one of the hindrances of development as well as in technology.References:“Niger”. New Standard Encyclopedia. Volume 12. Pages 309-310. 


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