Technology And True Presence In Nursing Essay

, Research PaperBernardo, Anthony, ( 1998 ) . Technology and True presence in Nursing. Holistic Nursing Practice 10 ( 7 ) , 95-101.

Harmonizing to the writer, nursing pattern needs to remain current with technological progresss while maintaining its individuality as a patient focused profession. Nurses use engineering to better attention from a patient & # 8217 ; s position, both in quality of attention and cost. At the same clip, nurses must larn to equilibrate technological cognition with personal accomplishments, therefore supplying optimal clinical attention while keeping a person-focused relationship with the patient.Technological progresss enable nurses to supply accurate, seasonably attention for a patient. This is due to the fact that these progresss enable physicians and nurses to rapidly name, explicate and foretell the health-illness position of a patient, therefore leting wellness attention professionals to pass less clip happening replies, and more clip supplying quality attention. For nurses, this includes disbursement clip with the patient set uping resonance, communicating and a trusting relationship for optimal clinical attention.Machines may progress the diagnosing and intervention of patients, but will ne’er be able to replace the nurse & # 8217 ; s ability to interact with the patient and construe the feelings, looks and actions of patients ( and at times, their household members ) . This interaction aids the nurse in his or her built-in function as supplier of attention and patient advocator, every bit good as, in the communicating procedure with patient and household in respect to the patient & # 8217 ; s health-illness position.

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Technology will ne’er be able to efficaciously replace the nurse & # 8217 ; s responsibilities of listening, reassuring, and educating a patient.Beloved Editor:In response to the 1998 article & # 8220 ; Technology and True Presence in Nursing & # 8221 ; published in the Holistic Nursing Practice diary, I agree with the writer that engineering focuses chiefly on the dependant and mutualist facets of nursing. These functions depend to a great extent on the scientific medical informations about a patient, which is communicated to the nurse through a physician and/or other medical professionals. This frequently includes telling required testing, garnering clinical information, and naming the patient. The independent function of the nurse is therefore supported through technological progresss by leting the nurse to stay patient focused: disbursement clip with that patient, set uping the of import functions of communicator, pedagogue and patient advocator while doing independent determinations for that patient.

Dear Editor,In response to the 1998 article & # 8220 ; Technology and True Presence in Nursing & # 8221 ; published in the Holistic Nursing Practice diary, in relation to technological progresss in medical specialty, I would differ with the premise that nurses may see their patients as an & # 8220 ; extension of a machine & # 8221 ; that displays merely digital information to medical forces. We must non bury that nursing is non merely a scientific discipline, but besides an art that is optimally effectual when both are incorporated toward patient attention. We can non anticipate nurses to supply the highest quality attention toward person who is viewed as a mechanism for informations. Effective nursing includes a lovingness facet and publicity of growing toward a patient that can non be replaced or de-emphasized by engineering.


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