Technology and its advantages Essay

Since the Industrial Revolution.

engineering has served as a tool to better the criterion of life in most states. We receive a batch of benefits from modern engineering in mundane life. The benefit can be so great that you notice it. or something little you can take for granted. Modern engineering has solved many jobs that people face and play an of import function in the development of many states. Modern engineerings create many sorts of merchandises and besides a het contention.

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Computers. cloning engineering. and video games are some of these engineerings.Joshua Quittner writes about the benefits and jobs of computing machine engineering in his essay “Invasion of Privacy” ( 353 ) . He demonstrates how utile computing machines are and besides how to extinguish jobs related to computing machine usage. He insists that the benefits of electronic engineerings are deserving to the hazard of being deprived of his privateness ( Quittner 356 ) . In fact.

electronic engineerings seem about inevitable in today’s society.Other engineerings have besides contributed to work out other jobs as good. For case. Lee M. Silver states that cloning is a proper operation under the right process ( 364 ) . Although he points out that it will be black if cloning operations are used abusively. he stresses in his essay “Jennifer and Rachel” that cloning is good for a individual who wants to hold a kid but has jobs gestating one ( Silver 363 ) .

In “When life imitates picture. ” John Leo maintains that violent games reflect recent cruel offenses ( 360 ) . Because of this.

some people are really cautious about the usage of those advanced engineerings and emphasizing the drawbacks of them. Most of the drawbacks are preventable with the right instruction and legal limitations. Furthermore.

modern engineering becomes non merely good but about indispensable in recent society because of its great advantages. Supplying our society with convenience. safety.

and doing many things possible are three illustrations of advantages that modern engineering brings us.One of the advantages of modern engineering is its convenience. Quittner writes how people receive benefits from the electric engineering in their day-to-day life ( 354 ) . He gives illustrations such as ATM. E-Z base on balls. and on-line service and shopping ( Quittner 354 ) .

The benefits are common and we take this convenience for granted as a portion of mundane life. However. this was non natural fifty old ages ago.

Before. people needed to wait in a long line at the counter of a Teller before retreating money. Today.

in busy yearss during Christmas season. people can order a present on line from a computing machine. They can see a large smiling of their household member by giving the present on clip. Besides. one can compare cheaper and better goods on line alternatively of traveling several shopping promenades. This is impossible without modern engineering.Of class. there are drawbacks of electric engineering such as a affair of privateness.

However. they are preventable. Quittner suggests paying hard currency alternatively of utilizing recognition cards. or declining to unwrap Social Security figure as some illustrations on how to forestall leaks of private information ( 356 ) . He besides mentions that ” protecting the privateness of E-mail by coding it with secret codifications so powerful that even the National Security Agency’s supercomputers would hold a difficult clip checking it. ” ( Quittner 357 ) . Harmonizing to Quittner.

this sort of codification is legal within the U. S. ( 357 ) . So if the jurisprudence for protecting from leaking privateness by electric engineering is made universally. the job of leaking privateness will decrease well. I agree with Quittner that the issue of privateness associating to electric engineering is largely preventable by self-defense and legal limitation.Another advantage of engineering is to supply society with safety. John Leo warns the possible job of modern engineering such as video game ( 359 ) .

On the contrary. he besides partially admits advantages of modern engineering if used as a safe tool ( Leo 360 ) . For illustration. he mentions that the ground forces uses hiting games of high quality in their pattern ( Leo 360 ) . This sort of simulation game is used in air power pattern every bit good. Repetitive pattern of flight games before practical flight will supply the trainees more safety than to novices with no pattern. This will give less hurt or accident in flight preparation.

The drawback of this engineering warned Leo. is moral want of immature kids who can non do a clear differentiation between the practical and existent universe ( Leo 360 ) .As a consequence. there is the possibility that they might perpetrate a barbarous offense like the slaughter in the Littleton without vacillation ( Leo 360 ) . However.

the connexion between the violent game and offense is merely a conjectural possibility. It is natural to believe that the cause is relationship between kids and grown-ups around them including their parents and their communities. To the certain age when kids have a sense of true and false. it is the duty of grown-ups to maintain them off from violent games. We need to believe about relationships with kids and their moral instruction alternatively of faulting modern engineering like picture games.The greatest advantage of modern engineering is to do impossible things possible. Lee M.

Silver writes a narrative about a individual adult female called Jennifer who gives birth to her ringer called Rachel in his authorship “Jennifer and Rachel” ( 362 ) . Silver insists the benefit of the engineering is to allow a kid for sterile people or for person who wants a kid but has no opportunity to hold one. Modern engineering contributes to the well being of minorities such as homosexual twosomes and sterile twosomes ( Silver 364 ) . Silver besides mentions the cloned sheep named Dolly.

Modern engineering including ringer engineering could give a manner to salvage the universe from famishment ( 365 ) . Cloned cattles with traits of cattles bring forthing abundant milk will supply stable milk supply to developing states.Or. other modern engineering including genetically modified nutrient besides will supply a more stable nutrient supply of workss and veggies tolerant to cold clime and bugs. Peoples in the underdeveloped states can procure stable nutrient supply and trade good.

Peoples insist there might be an ethical issue. nevertheless. the fact that engineering has brought new options is undoubted. Again. although Silver refers to engineering maltreatment job associating to modern engineering ( 367 ) . this besides can be controlled by stressing instruction and doing a new jurisprudence.

Merely switching the society along with the engineering alterations can work out the jobs related to modern engineering. It is non the job of modern engineering itself.Modern engineerings have settled or lessened many jobs and troubles of the society by its advantages. Making society more convenient and safe and doing impossible things possible are similar characteristics of the alteration which old people have experienced by societal alteration. like switching from a runing society to an agricultural society and set uping a commercial society due to the innovation of new tools.

To see these advantages and alteration of society. modern engineering. which we use today. might be non merely a new tool but besides the tool. which makes a dramatic alteration in history. There might be societal jobs generated by inability to match with modern engineering usage. However.

the part of modern engineering to society should non be eliminated and should be distributed equally.


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