Technology And Education Essay Research Paper

Technology And Education Essay, Research Paper

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Technology: A Tool For Education

More and more each twenty-four hours engineering infiltrates deeper into our day-to-day lives and modus operandis. In

fact, it has become such an built-in portion of society, that mass craze and terror would doubtless

ensue should it all of a sudden be taken off. To let engineering to take control would certainly take to

a decomposition of society. Today, most schoolrooms are connected to the Internet or at the really

least contain computing machines to assist educate the state? s kids. Technology, although utile, is merely

a tool and must be used sagely in respects to the instruction of today? s young persons.

Technology holds the promise of presenting huge sums of information in a really short

clip. The Internet entirely contains a overplus of information for anyone who has the desire and

ability to utilize it. With merely a chink of a button a individual can? surf? the web happening information

runing from ant bear to zygote. The velocity in which information flashes across the screen can be

dizzying. Although general information is readily accessible, obtaining specific informations can be

frustratingly hard.

Merely the other twenty-four hours, I was online searching for information sing to peritonitis. As is

typical, I logged onto a hunt site and typed in the topic I wanted. The hunt found and

displayed about a twelve sites related to peritoneal inflammation. However, it besides displayed more than three or

four twelve sites on subjects runing from colon malignant neoplastic disease to feline leukaemia. I can? t figure out merely what

relation felid leukaemia has with peritoneal inflammation. Equally far as I can state, they? re like apples to oranges.

Excessively frequently these hunts seem to take the user to sites that merely incorporate links to other sites, with

links to yet other sites, and so on. It took me about an hr to happen specific information providing

elaborate marks and symptoms of peritoneal inflammation. I ne’er could happen anything sing existent intervention

processs for the disease. Possibly I should hold taken a five minute thrust to the library and

looked in an antediluvian encyclopaedia & # 8211 ; it would hold been faster and easier.

Don? T acquire me incorrect, I? m non stating that engineering is a bad thing, but there are negatives to

every positive. Technology does offer an array of options, including those for educational

intents. Many college pupils are now able to take classs via telecasting, overseas telegram, and the

Internet & # 8211 ; merely go toing categories on campus for taking tests. Although this signifier of instruction

provides more scheduling flexibleness, it deprives the pupil of being able to reach their professor

readily. While in an on-campus category, if a pupil has a pursuit

ion on the stuff being studied,

they can merely inquire their teacher for elucidation and have an immediate response.

Perversely, by taking a telecasting or Internet class, the pupil would hold to email the professor

and wait up to several yearss to have a answer.

School is non merely a forum to larn facts and theories. ? One of the chief maps of

school is to learn kids how to act in groups? ( Postman ) . In other words, by go toing

school kids learn how to interact with others in a positive and constructive manner. By leting

engineering to take over the instruction of our kids we deny them the feeling of being included as

a member of society. For without societal interaction, society itself no longer exists. At one clip,

many old ages ago, dialing? 0 & # 8243 ; on the telephone connected them to a life, take a breathing individual on the

other terminal. Several old ages subsequently engineering took over and one had to voyage through a myriad of

computerized bill of fare for information, conveying forth ailment after ailment from clients.

Presently, assorted phone companies advertise how one can now dial? 0 & # 8243 ; and acquire a life,

take a breathing individual on the other terminal.

Although engineering can supply a about eternal supply of information, it can non supply

the tools necessary for understanding. A computing machine can merely expose facts, penetration can merely be

learned through interaction with others. If a kid can non grok a construct, a computing machine will

non be able to re-explain things in a manner the kid understands ; it can merely reiterate the information. Merely

through personal interaction with another individual can information be modified into a context the

kid can understand and appreciate. ? Knowledge, surely in the humanistic disciplines, is non a

straightforward affair of entree, of conquering via the consumption of informations? ( Birkerts ) .

Children today frequently know how to run a computing machine better than their parents.

Educational package, designed to capture the short attending spans of kids, do a good occupation of

learning kids in information, but fall short of learning any societal values needed to co-exist

pacifically with others. For a kid to be able to work as a member of today? s society, both

technological and societal learning demand to be balanced. We must ever maintain in head that although

engineering is capable of many things, it is merely a device that helps present information, it can non

Teach understanding needed to obtain true cognition and societal scruples.


& # 65279 ;

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