Technologies’’ Impact on my Life Essay

Technologies’’ Impact on my LifeHow has technology made a personal impact on my life?            Perhaps everyone in world is aware of the impact of technology either in general sense or in the personal experience. As for me, the impact that technology has made in my life has been great as it made many things that were difficult then easier, fast, and manageable. Indeed Technology made our lives more fun with computer games, stereos, and other toys and has also made our lives safer, easier, and healthier. Practically, technology has made the world small and accessible and everything could be done in a comfortable, fast, and various ways.However, the most important impact of technology in my life was that it made life more exciting for me.

My view of the future was greatly enhanced by the continues technological advances and it amazed me and made me think that nothing could be impossible in our time if one’s interest and curiosity could be directed towards the right objectives.Information technology is truly a social phenomenon that has been in our lives for over a decade now and it continuously excites us with new developments now and then. This created in me a burning interest and motivation to explore how technology could bring further benefits to humanity. I adhere to the notion that the impact of technology can be framed in tangible terms as Lawrence Tomei (2008) pointed out that the design development, use, and expansion of technology “are processes that are controlled in large part by society” (p. 391). The impact that technology has made in me is that it developed in me a positive outlook towards the future. I believe that there are still many things that could be developed and that I could do some thing to be able to contribute towards this development for the benefit of the humanity.How would I support diversity and inclusion in the technology industry?            Diversity seemed to be an odd word as it implies differences and confusion.

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However, I believe that this is not always the case. Diversity can be a potential source of strength as diversity could also refer to the characteristics of the individuals different from others. Diversity can bring different resources and perspectives, talents, and skills. In other words, diversity makes harmony and color. Diversity makes the world exciting. It makes human relationship interesting and meaningful, and it makes the work environment more potent and productive.

            Inclusion on the other hand seemed to be a positive word. Inclusion could simply means the act of including or being included. This word is used in education particularly among children with special educational needs along with integration to have them in a mainstream setting. However, it appears that these two words do not mean the same as in the inclusion, setting’s policies and practices change and adapt for the child to be able to join fully, while in integration it is the children expected to change to fit themselves.            I would support diversity and inclusion in the technology industry by promoting the advantages of both terms in terms of the benefits they could bring to the industry. Diversity could bring the industry various talents and skills that when put in proper places will further boast the technological advances that will certainly bring even more benefits to the society. Inclusion on the other hand is an assurance that only those that could “fit in” to the society’s needs should be pursued, in other words, only those that are environmentally, and socially friendly technology.

I will therefore advocate these two terms as my main principle towards joining the industry as they provide clear understanding of how I my self should “fit in” in the technology industry.How will the BOLD program complement your personal and professional goals?            The BOLD program stands for the accelerated Bachelor of Arts in Organizational Leadership and Development which was established primarily to meet need of working adults who desire to complete their unfinished course in college. This program is very interesting and it provides important opportunity for working adults to improve their lives by obtaining college degree without disrupting their jobs and family obligations.            The BOLD program complements my professional goals through the opportunity it offers. The fact the cost of education is high and yet the economic situation demands that I should do something to be able to contribute my family and my own financial needs amidst the current global crises, this might meant that I may not be able to finish my degree in college. However, the BOLD program offers a gleaming hope that even if I could not complete my college degree today; I still have the chance to obtain college degree later. The BOLD program complements my personal and professional goals in a way that it assures me that even if the current economic turmoil would prevent me from achieving my goals, yet I will still have the chance to achieve it later.

The BOLD program is not merely an alternative for the working adults for a change, but it is an opportunity to once again pursue the dream that was interrupted by the circumstances beyond control, even if they have already their families.            The BOLD program complements my personal and professional goals because classes are done night time and one week night only per week. Courses are accredited to other colleges which mean that I can avail of this opportunity anywhere BOLD program is offer. This means that the pursuit of my own dream will not affect my work or my family obligation.Work CitedTomei, L.

(2008) Encyclopedia of Information Technology Curriculum Integration USA: Idea Group Inc. (IGI) 


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