Technical writing 6 Essay

1.      The designer tried to ensure that readers will follow the steps in the correct order by suitably numbering in consecutive order the steps that needs to be done first and then followed by the succeeding ones. The designer further did this by using simple and direct language per step. Moreover, the designer also ensured that each step is followed by properly labeling the parts that are needed in each step as well as utilizing arrows and lines to illustrate how to do what is asked.2.      The amount of information presented in each step was appropriate as it showed how to accomplish each step correctly.

This was realized by proper labeling of the parts that were indicated per step, purposefully using lines to indicate the parts and arrows to illustrate the direction to which the part should be moved or placed.3.      The kind of information that was presented in the imperative mood was the set of instructions or steps on how to go about unpacking the MultiPASS, as these were commanding in language. However, the kind of information that was not presented in the imperative mood was the label on each part of the printer as this did not require any commanding or requesting tone.4.      The graphics were indeed useful in supporting the textual information of the manual as they were a vivid representation of the real-life machine, which is the printer.

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Furthermore, the graphics were helpful in that they evidently guide the consumer which part of the printer is referred to in each step so that the consumer can correctly and effectively follow what is asked for in the instruction.


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