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Question 17.1: Writing a persuasive directive1)    Tone is the attitude of the writer towards the audience. The tone can also be seen in the message the writer is conveying and the audience of the message. In this sample document, the writer uses an emphatic tone to warn the employees of the importance of maintaining public ethics requirements. The concluding sentences, “These are just two of the kinds of irregularities that have been brought to my attention.

 I do not need to tell you that these violations constitute serious breaches of public ethics. If they recur, they will be dealt with harshly. I sincerely hope that I do not have to address this issue again.” Is a good example for the use of the emphatic tone.2)    In the mentioning of the violations of the state travel policy, the writer provides solid evidences without direct implication of the culprits but gives the exact violations that were made. He mentions the additional expenses incurred due to the employees resolving to use convenient and comfortable means of travel and other service related expenditure. Booking through personal credit cards is also mention. Solid evidence is depicted clearly with the use of the specific number of people implicated in particular instant.

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3)     The writer has effectively encouraged the employees to abide by the travel policy. Although he has achieved the objective, the use of threats to do so is not fit to approach to the matter. The writer would have improved the persuasiveness of the directive by using a tone of subordination and avoid using threats.  Question 17.2: Demonstrating comprehension.

1)      TO: All employeesFROM: The manager8th July 2010.SUBJECT: DRESS CODEIn the resent past, I have received complaints from customers about the tattoos that you have. At all times, the image of the company must be upheld and any actions that may compromise the image of the company avoided.

It is in this view that I put forward the directive that all employees should put on clothing that covers the tattoos in their arms and the chest. This directive takes effect immediately.                                                                                       Regards,                                                                                       Manager.

2)      KLINE MEDICAL PRODUCTSTO: Mike FramsonFROM: Fran SturdivenDate: 1 September 2006Subject: Keeping of Device Master RecordsProper procedures in the storage and maintenance of records are important. Device master records are some of the documents that we keep at our company. The safety and efficiency of a medical device depends on the adequacy of its design and the entire manufacturing process. This is one of the reasons for keeping these records.To ensure that safety and effectiveness are manufactured into a device, all design and manufacturing requirements must be properly defined and documented. This documentation package is called by the FDA a “Device Master Record.” The FDA’s specific definition of a “Device Master Record” has already been distributed.

This is to help in the understanding of the contents of the document.Looking at the paragraph 3.2 of the definition requires that a company define the “compilation of records” that makes up a “Device Master Record.

” In our company, we have no such index or reference for our records. It is our best interest that we adopt an index to ensure that proper records are kept.Further reading in paragraph 6.4 enlightens us that any changes in the DMR must be authorized in writing by the signature of a designated individual. This procedure does not feature in the method we use to keep our records.Finally, adoption of this system of keeping the device master records will only be of benefit to use if we not only read the requirements but also put them into practice. With that in mind, we should fully adapt these additions by 15 September 2009.Question 17.

3: Applying concepts            TO: The Supervisor            FROM: The technician            SUBJECT:            8th July 2010.            PurposeThis is a progress report on the visit to company to study the models of their rolling machines.IntroductionAn approval of the visit to the two industries, American Equipment in Hawthorne, California, and Consolidated Industrial Equipment, in Newark, New Jersey was done and the date set for next week. These industries were supposed to be selected from the most competitive of the industries.ProceedingsA current review of the industries that were competitive in their products reveals that there was an omission of a competitive company. The third manufacturer is Southern Printing Equipment, in Atlanta, Georgia.

Family problems that constituted of the lay off my wife and next year being the beginning of my sons’ college gave me sleepless nights and consequently an omission of this competitive manufacturer.Moreover, the schedule to complete the study will be delayed. Going to examine the model of the other company will require more time and therefore additional days to the previous date of conclusion of the project will be required.

Consequently, the budgeted amount for the trip will increase due to the addition of the other trip to Atlanta, Georgia. Additional amount not only make the trip possible but also ensure that we get the best of the three models.ConclusionOtherwise, everything else is according to plan.

Adjustments to be made will be done quickly and to detail to make sure that the study of the models is done to the expectation and interest of the company.Sincerely,Technician.Question 19.1: Analyzing an Executive Summary1.      The author clearly explains the background of the executive summary on the purchase of blackberry devices for the employees. The author does that by giving a basis for the request or proposal to buy the devices. The study that was done on the challenges that the engineers get when they are conducting their activities is the background.

2.      In the executive summary sample, the writer does not discuss the methods. He lists the problems that the engineers face in the field and another list of the best features of the recommended device to be bought.3.      The findings in the summary are the problems that the engineers face in the field and the amount of money the company looses due to the various problems that the engineers face.

The conclusion is that the company buys the engineers blackberry devices that will lead to improved working conditions and reduce loses. In the recommendations, the writer recommends the purchases five devices that they will use to test for the effectiveness of the method. After the test, the company is expected to buy the other fifteen devices for the employees.Question 19.2: Demonstrating comprehension1.      I. What should we do about the increased insecurity?ii.

Although we cannot afford tom install state of the art security systems to ensure that we are protected, ca we use cheaper but helpful security systems?                 iii. Should we use house alarms or close circuit televisions around the compound?iv. We currently use normal locks for locking the doors.

Should we buy new anti-          burglar locks to ensure we are safe?2.      The basic steps of problem solving areØ  Identify the problem or opportunity.Ø  Establish the criteria for responding to the problem or opportunity.Ø  Determine the options available.

Ø  Study the options individually according to the criteria.Ø  In the evaluation of the options draw the conclusions of the options.Ø  Formulate the recommendations based on the conclusions arrived at from the options.3.      A feasibility report aims at showing the difficulty in doing a project.

It will review the possibility of the project, suitability and compatibility of the project. The aims and achievements of the project, the participants, and the benefits expected, the changes or actions that need to be undertaken to facilitate the project and the estimated cost of the project. A report on the carbon trading market is a good example of a feasibility report.( Hewings, 2005: 75)4.      This is a method of evaluating the options based on the given criteria. The main advantage of using a matrix is that it gives ranking to the options based on their score on the criteria to be used and an objective analysis with no bias.5.      The body will comprise of an introduction with a general overview of the study.

Methods that were used in the collection of data “what did you do?”, results mainly dealing with the analysis of the data collected “what did you see?”, conclusions that are deduced from the data and the thesis “what does it mean?” and the recommendations to be made to the study “what should we do?”.6.      Descriptive abstracts and informative abstracts are the two different types of abstracts. An informative abstract contains the major findings of the report while the descriptive kind will describe what the report contains.7.      The abstract includes key words to be able to cater for the use of technical words that may not be understandable to everyone who comes across the report.

8.      An outside reader will give you a point of view on the various subjects or topics that have been covered in the piece. This will also give correction before the final presentation of the document.

9.      Documentation is used in the recommendation reports to give order and show organization of work and neatness. The documentation of the data also helps in the outlining of the report making the work easily accessible by topics.Question 19.3: Applying concepts.

TO: MattiasFROM:SUBJECT: Criteria for the selection of the new pick up fleet.8th July 2010.In this time when you are considering the replacement of the ten pick up fleet it is necessary to make sure that you get the right truck for the right job.

In addition, consideration of the individual duties of the supervisors is important. Other than that, the cost of the trucks and their durability is of great importance to the company. Guarantee and after sales services offered is of importance.For the sake of alternative uses and the road and security, I recommend that the trucks should all be four-wheel drive and have air bags. This will boost the safety standard and image to the clients who are carried by them. For those who carry loads a large carriage will favor carrying lengthy loads. The trucks should be string and able to accommodate the current load capacity and a further addition for future expansion and unique cases.                                                                                                  Regards.

MatrixOptionCriterion 1: comfort and safetyCriterion 2: clearanceCriterion 3: horse powerCriterion 4: bed/carriage spaceCriterion 5: price per unit.Ram 2500 quad cab79659GMC sierra 250098766Chevrolet Silverado 2500HD87978Guide key:All the criteria have a scoring of between (0-10).In ranking, the best should be given more scoring points. The opinions of the supervisors should be averaged and the value entered in the table.To obtain the best option of the trucks, an addition of the points of each truck is done. The truck with the most points is the best of the options of trucks.

Based on the data on the matrix the most suitable truck of the three is the Chevrolet Silverado 2500HD. The points it gathered from the matrix have outdone the other options. I would therefore recommend that they buy them to replace the fleet they have.REFERENCEHewings Ann, Hewings Martin. Grammar and context: an advanced resource book. New York, NY. Routledge.

2005. Pp62-202.;


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