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Tech entrepreneur Elon Musk has built a reputation for his innovative companies such as SpaceX and Tesla and his forward-thinking ideas.

The co-founder of a number of companies including Tesla Motors, SpaceX and the Boring Company, Elon Musk is a successful business magnate. He is a regular feature in the news – whether it’s about a new SpaceX rocket launch or a new Tesla model unveiling. And last year was no different, what with his plans to provide solar energy to Puerto Rico, building the world’s largest battery in South Australia, and launching a recycled Falcon 9 rocket to name a few. Below is a look at his most popular Google search interests over time to determine what stories drove interest in Musk throughout the years. The Google trend graphs reveal spikes as people searched for his name to find out more about his latest achievement.So what was the one thing that drove the most traffic last year? His relationship with Amber Heard. Musk and Heard announced their partnership over Instagram.

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The relationship didn’t last too long, though, with the pair breaking up in August, before recently reuniting.The jump in interest following Heard’s relationship news is rivaled only by the 2013 announcement of the Hyperloop. Musk unveiled plans for the long hyped high-speed mass transit system, which was revealed in a 57-page PDF document.

According to the designs, the Hyperloop would be capable of transporting passengers at nearly 800 miles an hour – enabling riders to feasibly travel from San Francisco to Los Angeles in under half an hour. The Hyperloop concept is now set to become a reality, after Richard Branson’s Virgin Group recently invested an undisclosed amount in Hyperloop One, the frontrunner of a number of companies competing to bring Elon Musk’s futuristic vision of a magnetically-propelled high-speed transport system to life.Another noticeable milestone was the SpaceX landing of its Falcon 9 rocket on a drone ship at sea. And more recently, in 2017, SpaceX successfully launched and landed a recycled rocket, a first for Elon Musk’s company and a move that could help slash the cost of cargo transport into space. He said at the time, “It’s an amazing day I think for space as a whole, something can be done that many people said was impossible.”Last year Musk also announced one of his most ambitious plans yet – the colonisation of planets and satellites beyond Earth, including the establishment of a lunar base and a permanent Mars colony by 2022.

Speaking at the International Congress in Adeleine, Musk announced he plans to create a rocket bigger than a A380 plane to send people to Mars, and to eventually create a population of a million on the planet. And no-one can forget his very public spat with Mark Zuckerberg, which saw him tweet that Zuckerberg’s understanding of the threat posed by artificial intelligence “is limited.” Zuckerberg pointed out some of the ways in which he believes AI can save human lives, such as helping to enhance the safety of self-driving cars and to diagnose medical conditions. However Musk has been warning for years about the risk posed by AI, most recently telling governors that they need to start regulating artificial intelligence, which he called a “fundamental risk to the existence of human civilisation.” After Musk dropped his dig at Zuckerberg on Twitter, thousands of retweets and ‘likes’ followed. A business magnate, entrepreneur, investor, engineer, and inventor, Musk has been quoted as saying his driving goals in life revolve around his vision to change the world and humanity – so all that’s left to ask is just what will Musk do next? You can find of Musk’s milestones here.


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