Team Activity Essay

Team Activity            At around lunch time in a typical day in the campus, I and the rest of team decided to do an activity for our team in a place and area where we, the whole team, have an easy access and the right to perform the said activity. Since it seems that this activity has been planned and approved with no ample time, I, Vi, and Andre have structured the whole activity in such a way that we are all going to enjoy as it is based on our common interest. Hence, this team activity is bound to carry our common goal as team, which is that of improving and strengthening our relationship and connections as teammates and as friends.The team activity occurred in LACAVA Cafe, a campus based cafeteria in our school at the time where most of the people and/or the majority of the students in the school are all craving and furious to get their food and fill their starving stomachs. Truthfully aware of the situation that we are about to witness inside the cafeteria, we all know in the team, that this activity is going to be fun and enjoyable wherein we all have to work hand in hand as a team player to pursue our common goal and interest in this proposed activity. As predicted earlier, within our common perception, the area and/or the whole campus cafeteria is packed with starving students who are all eager to have their lunch break and eat, after having a tricky morning inside the class room.

As known to be a popular dining place in the Campus, LACAVA Café is a widely recognized cafeteria in the school among the students and faculties, which serve quality foods for all and has a broad array of food selections and choices in their menu that has been the main attraction for the students. Now, the master plan for this activity is easy but interesting and meaningful for the whole team. The goal is simple, I and the whole team Vi and Andre, have to eat lunch, based on our own individual food preferences, in LACAVA Café with the bulk of the campus’ lunch crowd without having trouble getting our seats and having a hard time getting our orders and/or foods in the shortest possible amount of time.As a team, we accordingly disseminated particular task for every member, which is specifically designated to carry specific functions in achieving our goal for this activity. With the fact that the whole cafeteria is packed with students, Vi’s main task in this activity is to look and save for our seat, so by the time we got our food we already have available seats to eat at. Andre and I, on the other hand, are in charge of getting our food, which is also strategically planned. Prior to our entrance in the cafeteria, I, Vi and Andre have already talked about the specifics of foods that we are getting. Thus, through a small meeting after we engage in the said activity, our team has ironed every task and role we have to portray in this action.

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As a result, Vi, Andre and I are successful in carrying out our task and goal in this said team activity at LACAVA Café. In summation of the entire team activity, we just did not succeed to improve as a team, but we, Vi, Andre and I are also able to eat our favorite food in our much loved LACAVA Café in the campus, like my own favorite fresh vegetable healthy salad, without having that much of problems with the rest of bulky crowd in the cafeteria at lunch time. Nonetheless, the most wonderful part of this activity is that Andre, Vi and I have once again proven the true spirit of team work, towards achieving a common interest and goal by also working hard as one team.When the Joneses Wear Jeans            As observable in the information and ideas presented in the article, Jennifer Steinhauer’s article entitled “When the Joneses Wear Jeans” published in New York on May 29, 2005, primarily discusses the topic about the attitude of American market, which fundamentally sets to determine the difference between the people who have relatively plenty and individuals who belong to the middle class of the society with regard to pursuing their desire for luxury over their needs.

In accordance to this, it can be said that the article’s most probable intended audience is the American people who are aiming to establish and reach for the desired status symbol in the society by means of how they spend their money and carry-out their needs over their luxurious urge for such desire. This is said mainly because that, the writer, Jennifer Steinhauer, have rendered definite details with regard to the attitude of most Americans to the current trends in the market, regardless if it is about service, leisure or goods, which shows that American people nowadays are more up to vertical desires, more especially now that most of the people are given the chance of greater financial capabilities to fund their personal urge with the boom of the credit industry.From a personal point of view, the writer do not solely aim to educate the American people about the proper way of spending their money and react to the temptation and current trends in the market by means of highlighting how luxurious the Americans nowadays rather than being more conscious of placing their money on a more worthy cause that is based on their specific needs, not on their desire for luxury. On the other hand, the author Jennifer Steinhauer, is seen to have done a great job supporting his arguments and claims in her article. As such, it can be said that most of the ideas and information she presented in the paper are factual wherein she supported these by citing the words and explaining ideas of some major players and/or experts in analyzing the market and the people’s attitude of the consumers over the current trends in the marketplace. Certainly, it can also be said that the writer does not provide most of the opposition to the argument she presented in the article.Lastly, upon reading and absorbing most of the information presented in the article, and as the paper is published in the year 2005, there are some questions that have been formulated in mind, most of it have connections to the current economic situation of the United States.

First, do the kind of consumerism and/or the attitude of American people over the current market trends serve as the initiator of the present downturn in the United States? Second, in current situations like the present economic recession, do the American people still afford to hold and grab on their desire for luxury? Lastly, if the rate debts in United States continuous to increase, what would happen to the American economy and market trend for the succeeding years? In the end, I totally agree with Jennifer Steinhauer and with most of the information she has presented in her article as she supported these with evidences and citations from the other experts that illustrates the attitude of the American market, mostly the middles class people and the ones who are in the higher sector of the society. Nonetheless, with the comprehensive presentation of data and depiction of arguments that are well-supported with evidenced, the writer only needs to put more credibility in her writing style, such as employing more authenticity in presenting data, in order to convince me more as a reader and other people, for sure.ReferenceSteinhauer, J. (2005). When the Joneses Wear Jeans.

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