Teaching Techniques for Instructional Goals: A Partial Review of the Literature Essay

 “Teaching Techniques for Instructional Goals: A Partial Review of the Literature” by Larry A.

Lovell-TroyLarry begins by wondering the criterion that should be used in order to come up with the most appropriate teaching technique. The article addresses on the suitable approaches to teaching and addresses how well the teaching goals can be met. Personalized System of Instruction (PSI) has proven to be the most outstanding in nurturing content learning form of teaching.

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Computer-based Teaching information Processing System (TIPS), on the other hand, increases the students’ ability to understand a concept during a lecture while discussion classes promote the cognitive learning skills of the students (Lovell-Troy, 29). All the aforementioned are active learning teaching forms having student-centered instructions.Most instructors utilize lecture and discussion, putting aside TIPS and PIS. Thus, the teacher ends up dominating throughout the lecture. Besides, discussions are limited to sequential teacher and particular students’ dyadic interactions. Student-centered instructions are minimal thus not adequately delivering.

Particular class sections call for different instructional techniques. So as to achieve the desired goals, Larry suggests the use of the Bloom’s Taxonomy of Educational objectives to all instructors to aid them make decisions about the teaching methods they should use.This taxonomy helps teachers to organize their courses and also writers of textbooks to understand the different levels learning objectives. In achieving these objectives, instructors have to keenly look into the basic elements of Bloom’s taxonomy that include knowledge, comprehension, application, analysis, synthesis and evaluation. Knowledge involves the presentation of contextual information and the receipt of feedback, while comprehension aims at student-centered activities.  A set of rules then defines when and how to apply the knowledge and comprehension to solve a problem. This ushers in critical and logical thinking for visualization which aids in creative thinking (Lovell-Troy, 34). The teacher has to appraise his/ her teaching approach in order to ascertain whether or not he/she has achieved the earlier set goals.

Moreover, teachers must consider their classroom objectives with a lot of carefulness and think about throughout the learning and teaching process so as to realize their set goals. The reason behind this is that particular teaching and learning approaches and periods have particular goals.Works CitedLovell-Troy, Larry.A. Teaching Techniques for Instructional Goals: A Partial Review of the Literature.

American Sociological Association, 1989, pp.28-37 


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