Teaching and Learning Paper Essay

Dragons, car chases, mystery; you might wonder what these all have in common.

  They seem alien words to string together, but yet each word or idea can be found in the pages of chapter book.  Chapter books are the gateways of adventures for a child and often they will spark the interest not only in reading other chapter books but also in different subject matters that a child had never thought about before.  Take the wonderful chapter book series, The Magic Tree House by Mary Pope Osbourne.

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  These books offer informative information on a wide selection of historical subjects and yet at the same time appeal to both girls and boys.  Another series of books, The Spider Wick Chronicles by Tony Deterlizzi and Holly Black, offers a spine tingling set of mysteries while at the same time giving children a glimpse at the scientific process. Series chapter books are also wonderful for children because they allow the child reader to see that just like them, the characters in the set of books are progressing and changing.Characters in a series of chapter books are often experiencing the same growing pains as the readers of the books are.  The Boxcar Children Series by Gertrude Chandler Warner is a very good example of how the children in that book deal with the day to day business of growing up while at the same time offering a mystery for the reader to solve.  Books are the magical gateway to adventures that are waiting to be discovered and chapter books are the key to that discovery.

  Hooking the child in your life on a chapter book is something that you as a parent will never regret! 


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