Teacher Essay

Teacher            How does an individual decide what career he or she wants to pursue? Some people rely on their interests, some get a lot of influence from their family, or other people and some would want to make use of their skills.

As for me, I chose to become a teacher because since when I was young, I have been dreaming and wanting to become a teacher. Basically, a teacher’s role in the society is regarded as one of the most important responsibilities in order to shape and develop every child’s future (Childs). Imagine a society without a teacher, what will happen now to the people and how are they going to get through with their lives?            A teacher is one who guides and imparts knowledge on students usually in a school setting. He or she should be skillful and should have the ability to inspire, motivate, stimulate, and develop every student’s mind (Childs).

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I am aware that it takes a lot of hard work and patience in order to keep this profession, and I am very confident that I will be able to perform all the duties and tasks that a teacher should do. I love to be around with children and observe them learn and develop. I would like to be a teacher because I want to share all my talents and knowledge about many things in life and instill good values on children. All the things that I learned in school and through my experiences, I would like to share them with the next generation, to the youth, and to the children in the society.            Having a career in teaching can be considered to be a blessing and an honor to an individual. It is one of the most noble and respected jobs in the world (Childs).

Without teachers, there will be no professionals like doctors, lawyers, politicians, and other essential roles of people that build a successful society. I would like to be an inspiration to every child, and I would like to be an instrument to let these children grow and fulfill their dreams in the future. I want to live a life of service to other people, most especially to children. I want to be a teacher to be able to nurture children and instill all the necessary things that one should have in order to be happy and successful in life. Teaching is my passion, and I will never regret having to choose this career path.

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