Tasting care Essay

It is rather hard to agree or to disagree totally with any of the comments. Every comment contains the reasonable ideas.

Thus, first comment claims that the obesity is national problem, and the food-producing companies should shift to healthier and low-calories products.  The second comment points on the latest changes on the food market in the USA and the fact that Southland lags on the latest market trends. The third one tells that the package is very important in food consumption (though I didn’t agree that food companies producing tastes and textures that give pleasure would be cutting their own throats, because the pleasure is one of important components of healthy nutrition) . And the last comment tells that the company almost can’t protect itself against the law-suits, because even the sign “low-fat” can be considered as the proposition to eat more.According the theory on utilitarianism the company shouldn’t worry about the harm if it makes something good for the society. For example, utilitarianism doesn’t consider business competition as unethical process.

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The theory of deontology recommends finding the correct moral motivation for decision-making. The problem with first two theories is that is rather hard to find the less harm and the most ethical motivation. However, the theory of virtue ethics recommends to shift the production of the company on low-fat, no transgenic food, without considering the consequences.As it known, the most ethical decision isn’t always the most reasonable or the most profitable.

Thus, from the ethical position Peter should recommend to Ed Malanga to recast the product line to reduce the harm from fat food. However, Richard Berman is his commentary stated that “no large company whose products contain dietary calories will be immune from obesity-related lawsuits (Taking a cake, p.39)” So it should be reasonable for Ed Malanga to pay more attention to the problems of company development strategy and seek the possibilities for growth inside and outside its established lines, as it was recommended by LaurianJ.



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