Task to shock a person then it

 Task 1aAlternating current: its electrical current which flow in all different directions at regular intervals or cycles. The current flows in power lines and the electricity travels from walls in homes. In Europe the cycles per second is 50 (frequency of 50 Hz) it’s cheap to change the voltage of the current. Direct current: its electrical current which flow in one direction. The current which flow in a flashlight or another device which runs of batteries is direct current. Task 1cElectric shocks happen when a person gets in contact with voltage which is high enough to become in contact with someone.

The effect if has on people can be quite severe for instant if a person was to be electrocuted with a very high voltage then it could cause death as it effects the rhythm of the heart and can cause heart attacks. Electrical shocks can cause burns. If the voltage was not too high, then burns can be found just on the surface of the skin.

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But if a high voltage was to shock a person then it could cause internal burns. Such as burns to the organs that can affect the heart. The burns which are caused by electric shocks can cause organ failure which results in death and if a person was to survive the healing process would be extremely long and painful.

Moreover, neurological effect electric shocks also have. This is when electric shocks interfere with the nervous control mostly on heart and lungs. When electric shocks interfere with the nervous system it doesn’t in most cases leads to death but can make a person be unconscious fast. It also, influences the chest when 50 or 60 Hz is passed through the chest.

It results in ventricular fibrillation. This needs to be treated immediately as it can cause the heart muscle to beat fast and loose its normal rhyme. If too much is passed through the chest then it can immediately stop the heart from beating. The following are the most common effects of electric shocks:·         A person is most likely to collapse ·         Muscle contractions which can lead to fractures, loss if consciousness or joint being dislocated. ·         Paralyze to the respiratory system and irregular heart beat or stop heart from beating completely. Death of tissue at entry and exit points of the current. Presence of edema as the blood at the point semisolid and the muscle swell up.

·         Drop in blood pressure, can cause problems in the fluid and electrolyte balance can release myoglobin and it can results in kidney failure. Fires are mainly started in mains wires (homes, buildings) or due to appliance failure. Faulty outlets, appliances start fires and old, outdated appliances. Others are started by faults in cords, receptacles and switches. Cords which are damaged should not be near floors, curtains and rugs which start off fires. Also, cords under rugs can cause fires 


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