Task 4 Writing Essay

Lesson Plan: Cursive Writing (Small Letters c, e, i, l, and b)Objective. At this time, the students are already familiar with writing the small letters a, d, o, q, and w in cursive. At the end of this lesson, the students will be able to write the small letters c, e, i, l, and b in cursive.

            In deciding which letters to teach, similarity in stroking has been taken into consideration. The letter with the simplest stroke is taught first: c.  Then, a little loop in the stroke forms the e. Putting a dot on top of the loop makes an i. Making the looped stroke taller makes an l. Finally, making the tall loop and a small one attached to it makes a b.

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Activities. To reinforce the lesson, the following activities will be used:1.      “Copy-the-Letter” – Students will copy the cursive letters several times through lined sheet. Rubrics (see sttached) will be used in grading the exercise.2.      “Fill in” – Students will be given a set of words with missing letters. They will fill the missing letters with c, e, i, l, or b.

Answers should be written in cursive.3.      “Word Up” – Students will be given pictures. They need to identify what is on the picture using the cursive letters they already know. They should spell and write their answers in cursive form.Summary. The lesson focuses on writing the small letters c, e, i, l, and b. To make it easy for students, a step-by-step approach has been made in learning the five letters.

After familiarizing the students, activities will be given. The activities aim not only to practice cursive writing for this lesson but incorporate past lessons as well and touch base with spelling and identification too. To properly monitor practice writing exercises, rubrics have been prepared. This shall standardize the grading of penmanship especially in cursive writing exercises.Rubrics for Cursive Writing Exercises1 (Needs Improvement)2 Good3 Very GoodNeatnessIllegible writing with erasures and lines/unnecessary marksLegible writing with unnecessary marks/erasuresLegible writing with no erasures or unnecessary marksFormLetters are deformedSome letters are deformedAll letters have good formSpacingToo much or too little spaceLetters are unevenly spacedLetters are evenly spacedSlantWriting slants inconsistentlyWriting slant is consistent with minor errorsSlant is very consistentGrading:12 – 10 (A)9 – 7 (B)6 – 4 (C)3 – 1 (D)


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