TASK · Innovation and technology should be

TASK 1STRATEGIC PLAN·        MARKETING STRATEGY: Rewards for travel agents. The vocational hotel must become the only hotel to offer a patented loyalty programme to the travel agents.

This will allow them to earn reward points and incentives in return for booking the vocational hotel.·        E-COMMERCE: Hotel’s website must provide several advantages to the customers. An enhanced reservation process with online personalization features will help customers to book their stays and events at the hotel. They must also get the facility to modify their reservation as and when required.·        Innovation and technology should be used as the important strategical assets which allow the hotel to improve its performance and competitiveness.·        Provide different packages with discount to attract more and more customers.·        The vocational hotel is surrounded by skiing area which is its main characteristic and selling point.·        During summers, ocean hot springs must be provided along with hot air balloon trips, white water activities and recreational activities.

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There should be at least 35 ten people hot spring pool, 15 six people hot spring pool, 2 thirty people hot spring pool,BUSINESS PLANThe skills and the experience of the co-owners Bill Smith and Lyn Carter will be taken into consideration while taking any important step in any business activity or operation.OPERATIONAL PLANOperational management is quite vital for the growth of the hotel. Success will be achieved through rigorous evaluation, extensive training and advanced technological innovations. ·        Customization is the key feature of the hotel.

The team will strive to provide its guests with the suitable environment as per their choice. It will also strive to empower guests by offering rotating floors of their room and experiences to choose from and customize.·        The vocational hotel will design environment as per the guest’s choice to deliver them with what feels like personalized experience. ·        Technology must be taken into full usage at every step in the operational process. While booking the hotel online, guests will be able to customize their room décor according to their choice through customization option provided in the process.MISSIONThe mission of the vocational hotel is to provide superior hospitality experience that makes its guests feel at home. All the employees and staff members are responsible for ensuring maximum satisfaction of the guests through exceptional quality service.

We expect our guests to re-visit us in the near future.We will create a positive work environment for our employees. Our hotel will also adhere to the principle of sustainability and environmental responsibility.VISION, VALUES AND OBJECTIVES·        To improve overall ecological and carbon footprint, without any compromise with the visitor’s satisfaction and experience. It should be done through usage of innovative clean and renewable resources and technologies.·        To improve and efficiently monitor waste through zero waste management through laying emphasis on re-manufacturing and up cycling.

·        To ensure safe and healthy environment. This promotes active lifestyles to the visitors, employees and nature. ·        To become the most effective association in Australia providing most superior services to the tourism industry.·        To undertake such experiments, research and work that is necessary to develop and improve the tourist industry.·        To maintain almost 100 % occupancy rate during the peak times. ·        To provide extensive training to the employees so as to provide the guests with a memorable and excellent experience during their stay at the hotel.

·        To provide the best hospitality possible to the guests as this industry is all about connecting to people and giving a boost to their experiences.STAKEHOLDERSThe vocational hotel strives attract a large number of stakeholders so as to increase the cash flow for easy and smooth functioning of all the operations.PRODUCT OR SERVICE STRATEGYWebsite: The vocational hotel will make use of website which will allow the guests to: access individual account information (including past stays and bookings), allow them to modify their account information or booking without having to call or visit, make them aware about the recent offers and packages.Hospitality: The hospitality of the guests will be the USP of vocational hotel. The team members will try their best to provide excellent and quality experience to the visitors. Complimentary services will be provided to them with calm and unique environment. Different events will be organized for them to enjoy their stay at the hotel. Complete assistance will be provided by the customer care desk.

The vocational hotel will promote staff’s commitment to honor and safeguard the rights of the guests through continuous training programs for them.In room services: For the comfort of the guests we provide quality soaps, shampoos, hair dryer, laundry services, safety deposit box, complimentary shoe shine and international direct dial telephone. All the services will be complimentary for the guests staying in our hotel.We provide extra facilities to maximize the guest experience at the hotel. The main activity of the department is to research, purchase, store and sell or provide complimentary products to the guests at required time.PRICING STRATEGYThe guests will be provided with signature experience throughout their stay at the hotel.

Customizing their living atmosphere according to their choice and need will be an added advantage for them. Also, a very nominal amount will be charged in return of the high class services and hospitality. Although, the services that vocational hotel provides incur high cost but the main aim is to provide luxurious stay at a competitive price. This will thus ensure regular visitors and high growth rate in the industry.TARGET MARKETTarget market will be family, tourists, upper class and upper middle class, business people.The vocational hotel continuously put efforts to make it an ideal vacation spot for the visitors by providing high class services be it skiing or hot spring pools. Every guest must also be assisted with the outdoor visits in almost every nearby area of Melbourne. Hotel is equipped with all the facilities to cater to the needs of both summer as well as winter visitors.

Vocational hotel must reach the top most position when it comes to attracting the visitors from all around the world. This will only be possible with the sincere efforts of the staff and employees. The growth rate of the number of visitors every year must rise from 15 % to at least 25 % . Higher position will only be achieved by setting higher targets for all the members working in the same interest. KPI AND BENCHMARKSFINANCIAL PLANFinancial growth will be mainly through cash flow.The target of net profit must be at least 15% and marketing cost should not hold more than one to three percent of the gross sales. Gross margins should never go below 60 %Vocational hotel expects to manage cash flow with minimal new investment required. It is the expectation that revenue beyond expected sales will be utilized to pay long term debts early.

HUMAN RESOURCE REQUIREMENTS·        Since tourism or hospitality industry is capital intensive, human resource may represent a source of competitive advantage for the hotel. The reputation and growth of the hotel depends totally on the know-how of the personnel, of the knowledge and understanding of client’s expectations that would make the guest feel at home.·        Training is an essential process which should be cautiously designed and implemented within the Vocational hotel. Employees can appear dissatisfied due to being assigned responsibilities without having the right knowledge and skills in that area. It is important to invest in human resource through training in order to improve the competitive position of the hotel.·        Training specialists will be hired in order to provide the employees with the correct skills and knowledge of their job responsibility.

Nowadays quality of service depends on the qualities of the employees and these qualities are their knowledge, skills, and thoughts which lead to the hotel’s survival and growth. ·        Experienced advisors will be hired formally or informally.PERSONNEL REQUIREMENT:Managing departmentIT departmentPR departmentMarketing departmentAccounting departmentPurchasing departmentHR departmentSki departmentCleaning departmentEach department will be handled by individual contractors or consultants. All the personnel need to be full time salaried employees.

Any additional hires will be part time and must be in the interest of expansion of the organization. The hotel will look out for efficient candidates who have good knowledge about the work they are held responsible for. Also the payroll of all the employees must not exceed much amount every other year. The amount spent on the salaries of the employees must be lowered every coming year.

The vocational hotel will take steps to introduce and implement improved business process efficiencies. Each department will develop guidelines for review of business processes falling under their area of responsibility and use them to identify business processes that can benefit from increased efficiencies.Low staff turnover ratioLAWS AND LEGISLATIONS REQUIREMENTSRegistration of the company: The registration of the organization has already been done with all licenses and other permit been taken.Australian business number:   ABN, TFN, PAYG, GST will be issued.

Service contracts:Purchase/ supply contract:Agreements with contractors:HEALTH, SAFETY AND THE ENVIORNMENT RISK MANAGEMENTRisks will be managed by avoiding them, minimizing their negative effects, taking quick decisions when they arise. Different forms of insurance can help manage the risks that arise in any form. Some of the risks that may arise are as follows:Suppliers unable to supply:  The team has to be prepared for any kind of challenge in front of them. In case of room supplies being restricted by the suppliers, alternate suppliers need to be contacted.

All the market research has to be done in advance so that good suppliers can be contacted in times of need.Misbehavior of the employees: The management team tries to maintain good relationships with the employees so as to lower down the employee turnover. Also, they provide proper guidance to them for serving the guests with proper attitude and behavior. After all such efforts even, the employees sometimes tend to lose patience and misbehave with the guest. This directly affects the reputation of the hotel. Immediate steps will be taken by the team against such employees so as to provide best experience to the guests and satisfy them. Change in supplier’s terms:  The team strives to maintain good relationships with the suppliers as well and maintain easy flow of cash and products.

In case the terms of suppliers get changed, then adequate steps will be taken. Some of the steps can be: finding alternative suppliers, increasing working capital (from personal cash reserves).  Loss of property:  Loss of property due to unforeseen situations such as fire, building collapse, etc.  All the loss that might happen to the property will be prevented at any cost. All the possible measures will be taken and precautionary steps will be taken.

Smoke alarms, fire extinguishers and sprinkler system will be installed. Emergency drills will be held from time to time for the employees. Insurance will be done for fire, public liability and business interruption.   


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