Target Corporation Essay

Out of all the companies in the world today; the most awesome and interesting one for me is the Target Corporation (also more simply known as “Target”). Target is a store that sells many different foods, house ware items, clothing, seasonal items, electronics, outdoor fun, and much more. Most people have been to a Target store at least once in their life, for me though I have been there tons. That is actually connected to the most important reason why Target is my first pick, which is because I am part of their family; I have been working there for almost two years now (feels like more) and I am really enjoying it.

After working with the other employees at Target and getting the flow of how the company runs, then I have been able to grasp that Target is a good apple. Besides being a good apple from an employee’s point of view, it is also a great place for guest (which is what customers are called at Target) to shop. Target’s main focus is to help the guests in a ‘Fast, Fun, and Friendly’ atmosphere, to find what they need or answer their questions. With any business though, there is an objective to see how they can be more profitable and be better.That is what my main focus shall be on… the ‘problem’ of Target losing those sales and how they can improve their business. With working for Target; I get to see the “behind the scenes” type of deal and get to hear the different complains from the guest.

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By using their feedback, I shall be able to fix ‘mistakes’ and make the shopping experience at Target ideally better. In the end, this will hopefully bring more guests into Target, and make more happy people in the world.


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