Tardiness Essay

     Our busy lives often require that we be diligently aware of the time in order to avoid being late. The most common explanations for being late are losing track of the time, being delayed by traffic, and having a previous engagement that ended behind schedule. All of these reasons, however, are excuses that can be easily disproven. Individuals who are habitually late are disrespectful and their lateness can be fixed by simply having regard for others.     It is difficult to confront a person who is late because of traffic. After all, one cannot predict when an out-of-control driver is going to cause an accident that stops traffic in its tracks. However, most traffic excuses are due to the fact that habitually late people do not take the time to think about traffic concerns and adjust their departure time accordingly. In the article, Edie Marks discusses traffic issues and suggests, “…you make a point of starting out earlier.

” Simply adjusting ones departure time to account for traffic can make it easier to arrive on time.     Far too often, we over schedule our lives. We have appointments and events back-to-back, and one delayed start time or end time can lead to a chain of tardiness. The key to being on time is to leave enough room in between each appointment to account for delays and traffic. This requires us to prioritize our plans and make changes accordingly.

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If one has a noon dentist appointment, it might not be a good idea to make plans for lunch at one o’clock.     The two worst excuses for being late are losing track of the time or not offering a reason at all. A person who is habitually late with no reason or apology is making it very clear that he or she does not care about others; not only is there no concern about others’ time, but this person isn’t aware that others are waiting. The best way to handle a situation like this is to be completely up front about the fact that we don’t appreciate being made to wait.     In conclusion, it is perfectly acceptable to be late on occasion. We certainly cannot control the complexities of the universe. What we can control, however, is the way we think about others and their valuable time.

By leaving earlier and keeping our schedules flexible, we can show others that we care about their time. A person who is willing to wait for us is worth being on time for. 


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