Taoism Essay

                                                              TAOISM:    Taoism is related to philosophical and religious traditions followed by the Eastern Asia and has a notable influence on the western culture as well.

It is interested in intuitive wisdom rather than rational knowledge. Logical reasoning was considered as a part of artificial world of man. Taoists are not interested in this world but they try o concentrate their attention fully on the nature in order to discern the characteristics of the Tao as similar to Buddhism and Hinduism.History:     Laozi is regarded as the founder of Taoism and had received a good amount of recognition in the mid second century B.C[1].

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Several song emperors like Huizong were actively promoting Taoism, collecting Taoist texts and publishing editions of  the DaozangBeliefs:    It consists of numerous beliefs based on various revelations; t has never been a unified religionPrinciples:    It focuses on various themes found in Daodejing and Zhuangzi, such as vitality, peace, non-action, emptiness and detachment.Practices:    Food is set out as a sacrifice to the deceased and the gods at certain days, which includes slaughtering animals like pigs, ducks etc. At various occasions where people dress themselves up like lions and dragons performing dances and indulging in acts like cutting their skin with knives, people believe that these dances are possessed by spirits and their gods[2]. Fortune telling including astrology and other forms of divinations has been considered a traditional Taoist pursuit.

    There is academic and social distinct between marital forms of medium ship and the spirit writing that is practiced through planchette writing[3]Reason for choosing this topic:     Taoism is a religion like Buddhism and Hinduism which does not put thoughts to consideration, these beliefs agree to living life in isolation and the statues made by human hands. People (not only Taoists but any idol worshippers) are blinded folded and they refuse to reason. God is not a stone and He definitely not someone who needs to be made for the sake of worship.

God is everywhere, even though you may not see Him but you most certainly can feel Him, just like the wind. Taoists search for the inner peace by making themselves solitary, away from the world. When God has created people and made this world, He wouldn’t want His children to live a secular life but rather wants us to have a good fellowship with our fellowmen. One can find the peace when he/she comes to His presence. Know the Truth and the Truth will set you free.[1] Robinet (1997), p.50[2] Schipper (1993),p 28-29[3] Silvers (2005), p129-132


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