Takeda Business Game Application Essay

I love exploring new things that can be found not only from books but also from real life. I also love travelling, meeting people and experiencing new cultures around the world. Whether it is work or study, my principle is always passion, enthusiasm and patience.

Whether it is working individually or working in group, I am always serious and responsible for my duty, and put the best efforts in pursuing the final goals. In relationship, I welcome others with my friendliness, helpfulness and sincerity. In community, I utilize my interpersonal skills, presentation skills and leadership skills.With all traits that I have, I want to express who I am and what I can do, so that I can earn respect, trust and cooperation of others. During my time as a student, my main concern is to develop myself fully in all aspects, not only studying. That is the reason why I always try to balance the time I spend on studying and on other leisure activities. For instance, I have been participating in a variety of extracurricular activities in school, such as music performances and sports, where I can enjoy myself after hard-working days and make a lot more friends.I also learned some music instruments such as piano and guitar, and train myself regularly in gymnasium and school’s swimming pool.

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My aim is not only to accumulate more knowledge about art and literature but also relieve myself from studying stresses and be better in social communication, while enhancing my physical health, so that I can be both physically and mentally healthy, which in turn benefit both my studies and daily life. Upon learning about TAKEDA Business Game and its challenging yet interesting contents, I am extremely interested in joining the contest.I sincerely hope I can contribute all of my knowledge and experience regarding the game to help my teammates, and ultimately bring the glorious victory to APU. Full Name: VUONG The Ton Student ID: 12210313 TAKEDA Business Game Application Essays 1. Reasons of joining this program Upon learning about TAKEDA Business Game, I understand that this program is an invaluable opportunity for students around the world to gather, compete and demonstrate their interest, knowledge and capabilities regarding the pharmaceutical industry in specific and the business strategies in general.

Being sponsored by TAKEDA Pharmaceutical Company, the largest pharmaceutical company in Japan and Asia and one of the top 15 pharmaceutical companies in the world, this highly prestigious contest is where competitors, on behalf of their respective universities, can cultivate their sense of business, business strategies and management in various background and circumstances of the business that they are put into.Being able to work in group, to research in large-scale, to show personal interest in pharmaceutical industry and business world, and to actually utilize all of the knowledge, experience and skills that you have accumulated, including major knowledge, specialized knowledge, researching skills, leadership skills, communication skills and presentation skills, I sincerely believe joining TAKEDA Business Game is a once-in-a-lifetime chance that any student should not miss, especially those who wish to look for a job in nowadays multi-cultural working environment and those who wish to broaden their vision towards the Japanese economy and Japanese corporations. For all of those reasons, I decided to apply for TAKEDA Business Game, and pledge my utmost contribution and dedication with the pride of representing APU once I am given the chance to come to Tokyo this December. 2. Academic courses or extracurricular activities that you are currently putting the most effort into Currently, I am putting the most effort in my Seminar, namely “Strategy and Organization”.

This Seminar is where students can learn various aspects of business strategies including marketing strategies and strategic management, as well as organizational behavior and international marketing.We are also trained to use numerous research methods to acquire marketing information and strategic information, such as how to design surveys and questionnaires, how to manipulate correlation tables and graphs; we are even taught useful software that can help us manage marketing information and developing research hypothesis. Students in my Seminar regularly have chance to work in group, to present their ideas in front of the class about different topics, to participate in debates and discussions, to sharpen their reasoning and presenting skills, while gradually accumulating new knowledge about the business world, especially the business of corporations both in Japan and around the world. At the presence, we are preparing for a huge important event called Seminar Conference, which is a competition of all Seminars in APU combined, where we prepare a large-scale research and a presentation about a particular topic of our interest.

We have to compete with other teams to persuade judges that our group research is more interesting and worth debating. All of us from “Strategy and Organization” Seminar also joined this event, and all of the groups are trying the best to finish the research within 3 months in order to be eligible to join the Conference in January. This activity requires not only large amounts of time for researching and designing the thesis paper, but also an effective and efficient group work of all team members in a fairly long period of time. We also have to balance this research with other academic courses and our own extracurricular activities and daily life, which can be quite difficult at times.However, we all believe that from the conference, we will gain even more experience in researching, as well as have a chance to utilize all of what we were taught from our Seminar for a real challenge.

All those aforementioned reasons explained why Seminar is a good place for students like me who are about to carry out their job-hunting or write their thesis paper for graduate program; which is also the motivation for me to spend much time and take priority in my Seminar activities. I sincerely believe by joining the Seminar, by receiving the precious support of my professor and seminar friends, I will be fully prepared for both knowledge and skills for my future career, as well as obtain a clearer vision of my next goals and plan after graduation. 3.Career plan after graduation As a third year student, I have already prepared several career plans as well as both short-term goals and long-term goals to pursue after graduation. My first plan is to do job-hunting in Japan. Thanks to a lot of job-hunting guidance held by APU, as well as my own efforts to search for information of various Japanese corporations whose industry I am interested in, such as Rakuten for online shopping, Toyota Tsusho for automobile manufacture and Sony for electronic appliances; I have equipped myself with reliable information references and full document preparation to get me ready for the job-hunting procedures after graduation.

Moreover, I have been saving money from my part-time job and also applying for many scholarships to help me cover the transportation expense and living expense during my job-hunting process. From my personal perspective, Japan is one of the best working environments with excellent working conditions as well as high job security; therefore, finding job in Japan is both a challenge and an opportunity for me for the sake of my future, and this plan is currently my top priority. My second plan is to go to Singapore for another job opportunity. I had a long consultation with my big brother, who is the Dean of the Admission Office of a university in Singapore.

He introduced to me various job opportunities in this country, especially in Education, and encouraged me to search and apply.During the information gathering, I have also found out that there are a lot of companies in Singapore that demand candidates with specialized knowledge about business strategies and marketing strategies as well as sufficient researching skills and language ability, since these companies are in need of global and innovative product promotions to compete with their aggressive competitors both domestically and internationally. And I believe with everything I have been taught during my studies in APU, I will be able to fulfill their requirements. In several months after graduation, if for any reason I am not successful in job-hunting in Japan yet, I will consider this second plan, and travel to Singapore to utilize those opportunities.My last plan is to go to Graduate School to obtain Master Degree, after 2 to 3 years of working experience.

I am now joining a Seminar in APU, where I am instructed to write a thesis paper that can support me for my Master Program. And because I am a person that loves travelling and experiencing the world, I plan to apply for a Master Program in a Graduate school in Australia. From my friends who are studying and working there, as well as the information I obtained from various sources, Australia is regarded as not only an excellent global environment but also a great learning experience for students from overseas, both academically and socially.

Furthermore, there are many Graduate schools in Australia that provides Master Program in Marketing and Business Strategy, which are my current specialized research field and my interest, and I hope the precious knowledge and experience I accumulate from the Master Program regarding these professions will be useful when I successfully finish the Program, obtain the Master Degree and come back to my job. With all of these plans, I am now having a clear vision of what to do, what to pursue and what to achieve after my graduation. I sincerely hope for the last years in APU, I will have an even better preparation so that after graduating, all of my plans can go smoothly and even become reality.


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