T536272 Amber Color · Comes in Ready

T536272·        Protects the LED Lights·        Precision Cut Acrylic Shield·        Acrylic Amber Color·        Comes in Ready to Mount State·        Bolt-On Installation·        Sold Individually·        23-Year Limited Warranty·        Fits all 1997-2018 Ford F-150 Models  Keepsyour LED Lights Protected.

Whenever you drive off road, yourisk getting your truck’s LED lights hit by flying debris leading to unsightlyscratches and or even cracks. By installing these Light shields, you will haveadded a protective layer that will keep off dust and flying materials fromreaching the underlying KC HiLiTES LEDs lights.  ATouch of Beauty. Adding the vibration resistant LEDlights is a nice way to showcase your vehicle’s interiors and exteriors.

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The KCHiLiTES Amber Light Shield adds an inviting hue that will make your Ford F-150the envy of the town especially when you out at night hours. The Amber coloredLED lights also fair well if you are driving through fog and or when use it as hazardlights during the day. Durableand Reliable. The KC HiLiTES Amber Light Shield for KCFlex is made from shatter-proof Acrylic glass for increased durability.  The Shields are then secured into position by 4sturdy screws so that they can survive the bumpy rides in the fields.   Bolt-onInstallation. To install the KC HiLiTES Amber LightShield for KC Flex, you just need to install the 4 provided screws into thethreaded holes located on the front end of your LED lights.

You will onlyrequire basic tools to complete the bolt-on installation process. 23Year Limited Warranty. The manufacturer offers a 23-yearlimited warranty that covers any flaws or defects that manifest in this LEDlight shield. Please see manufacturer’s warranty for exclusions.  Application.

KCHiLiTES Amber Light Shield for KC Flex is designed for use on all 1997-2018Ford F-150 Models.  What’sin the Box?·        (1) KC HiLiTES Amber Light Shield·        Installation hardwareInstallationDifficulty: Approx. 30 Minutes/Easy Installation forAnyone. 


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