SWOT of Lenovo Essay

Weakness1. The small share of the worldwide PC market.As we all know, only a relatively stable market share and the growth of the operating rate out of China’s PC market, such as in the American market and European market can give a complete success to an international Lenovo. However, the performance of Lenovo in America and Europe is very unstable, according to the recent 3 quarters of Lenovo financial report.

2. The 15.4 inches product line is relatively thin.

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Lenovo put 14.1 inches products as main models, and there are some defects in layout of other products. Especially the 15.4 inches products, this product line is relatively thin.

Opportunities1. The new rural strategyWith the deepening of the rural informatization, Lenovo has issued the new rural strategy. It says that Lenovo will sell their low price computer into 100,000(one hundred thousand) administrative villages in 3 years and expand their brand influence in 300,000 administrative villages.2.

In India, eastern Europe, Russia, South America and other emerging markets, the Lenovo PC has a god development opportunity.Threats1. Threats come from the price competitionNowadays the position fixing of international brand is transferring to the mid-range market and the low end market. The gradually reduced price is a potential external threat to Lenovo.2. The threats of the competitors which have obvious advantages in brand, scale and funds, how to exploit inherent advantages of service, cost, channels and talents and also, convert the technology breakthrough to steady product quality are the most pressing mater for Lenovo at the moment.


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